Close-up of the luxury apartment Linh Ngoc Dam gave her parents after 3 years as a streamer

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In early November, Linh Ngoc Dam made a lot of fans flutter when showing off that they had bought an apartment for their parents in the Times City luxury apartment complex. She shared that this has been her dream since 11th grade. But in the first days of working as a hired worker with a salary of 12,000 VND / hour, Linh thought that she would not be able to do it her whole life. Yet 6 years later, that dream has now come true, and this is also the first time in my life female streamer owning a valuable asset to give to his parents. From the sharing of their own income, everyone can guess that the job itself streamer helped her fulfill her dream so quickly.


After more than half a year, Linh Ngoc Dam recently officially reviewed the house close-up on her Youtube channel. It is known that the apartment is located on the 28th floor, the highest floor of the building. The interior as well as the decoration are all conceived by Linh and her boyfriend, the Buddha, with the main colors being gray and black because Linh’s family rarely comes here, so she wants to keep her house looking clean. and looks more modern.

However, it is still equally fresh with the space filled with green plants both inside and outside the balcony. That is also the highlight of the house that Linh likes the most. Thanks to that, although the area is not too spacious with 1 living room and 2 bedrooms, the apartment still looks very airy and comfortable.


The most special thing is that Linh Ngoc Dam has turned 1 of the 2 bedrooms into a private room just for clothes, makeup and work.


Having achieved today’s results, few people know that this little girl has had to overcome many barriers from the opposition of her family and relatives. Even the female streamer once ran away from home, rented a house on her own and lived on the meager income of the streamer profession at that time of 1-2 million/month. But up to now, with efforts, trying to prove themselves, the most realistic is a stable monthly income to help the family, so Linh’s parents have gradually trusted and supported their child’s choice. her daughter.

Also recently, on a vlog, Linh Ngoc Dam shared for the first time about her streamer income. She revealed that there was a livstream app that offered to cooperate with a salary of $ 18,000 / month but she refused because it was still low, so when Linh received a contract from another app, it would have to be higher than $ 18,000. there. Therefore, although we do not give an exact number, we all implicitly understand that Linh Ngoc Dam’s monthly income from livestreaming is about more than 400 million VND. That’s not to mention other incomes from advertising contracts, filming, cooperation with brands…etc. Before this “terrible” number, many people were “startled and fell back”.

Indeed, streamer, although a strange word to many people, is in fact an extremely attractive career that many young people are aiming for. If a few years ago, anyone who played games and then livestreamed to talk on the Internet was still prejudiced as “unprofitable”, “free time”, now it has become a job that helps many young people gain both fame and fortune. money.

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