Dragon Nest M: What’s the first 15 levels?

When playing Dragon Nest M, the first 15 levels will be the most important milestones for people to unlock skills for their characters, and train themselves in the next process.

Tactical role-playing game Dragon Nest Mobile is creating a new wave in the domestic gaming market. With the attractive gameplay and impressive visualization, the game gives players gentle, great entertainment but still full of attraction.

Unlock character level in Dragon Nest M

Unlock to level up to play Dragon Nest Mobile

Dragon Nest

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Dragon Nest M for Android

Unlike other action games on the market, Dragon Nest Mobile is not rushing and confusing players by a series of complicated and complicated features from the beginning, but we will have a short time to Try playing the character classes in Dragon Nest Mobile to make the best choice.

At the same time, players also have up to the first 15 levels to get acquainted with the game, practice character manipulation and practice basic skills. Every time you level up a new level, your character will unlock a new feature key. This feature can be items, game modes (shop, cook, character evolution and change the direction of the character’s career development …) or can also be the character’s new skills. Specifically:

Very beautiful mount

Level 1

In the early stages of gaming, nothing worth mentioning. All you can do is play a game or customize some actions, items in the Options Menu. Can touch character icon or the icon at the bottom right of the screen.

Level 2

Unlock Skills menu figure.

Level 3 – 4

Unlock skills automatic attack opponents when confronted.

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Level 5 – 6

Unlock Equipment first for the character (first daily reward in the upper right corner) and support to rename the character (touch the character icon).

Mount your mount

Level 7 – 8

Unlock “Sprite“First. These Sprite will fight by your side throughout the process and give your character special buffs.”

Level 9

Unlock Wardrobe, allowing you to change your character’s appearance with unique, beautiful and impressive designs.

Level 10 – 11

This is where the real game begins. At this time, you will be unlocked many more important skill keys at the same time, including:

  • Mall: Allows players to enter a certain number of Shops and markets to purchase more items, equipment, and costumes for the character.
  • Benefits: Where you can get lots of free daily rewards.
  • Rewards: This is where you can get achievement rewards, rewards for completing Missions.
  • Sprite Shop: A special feature lock where we can get free food every day, summon new sprite and buy goodies for them … Access the Sprite Shop by tapping the sprite icon in the bottom right corner screen.

Character costumes


Some rewards and will vary, there will be items and gifts you can only receive during certain periods or during the event.

Level 12

When you reach this level, you will be able to open your first group buff and Team Abyss – a special party dungeon. This is also where players can get items to fabricate items for characters and lots of EXP (experience points). At the same time, also opened the following feature locks:

  • Day mission: When completing any task, you will receive special and valuable rewards.
  • Strengthen: This feature works like a kind of list. It allows players to check to know, suggest the direction to increase the strength of their character. Tips, you should use this feature if you have difficulty playing, fighting or do not know how to upgrade the character.
  • Daily Carnival: A limited time event. It allows players to complete certain missions to unlock a unique feature, which is to summon a beautiful llama mount.
  • Auction: Where all players can trade, buy and sell with other players.
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Unlock Market

Level 13

Unlock features Make. When this key is activated, players can begin crafting, enhancing items, or changing character equipment to increase strength or change stats.

Level 14

Unlock features Guild so that players can choose to join a certain guild, or activate spectator mode, not participate in PvP matches (participation in matches is only unlocked when the character reaches level 16. ).

In addition, at level 14, players also have the right to participate in many other events such as Charisma Expert, Guild contests and Nest Challenger … And if you receive any gift codes (Gift Code) from the person. other players or from the game itself can also be used here.

Strengthen weapons

Level 15

For Dragon Nest M players, this is the most important level. Not only is it the end of the rookie process, but reaching level 15 also allows us character evolution and choose a profession, a new, higher, stronger development direction for her character.


  • With this feature key, your original character choice of any class is irrelevant.
  • Players also have the opportunity to try out both directions of the character’s development (two ways of evolution) and then choose the most suitable one.

That’s all we need to know about the first few levels after installing Dragon Nest Mobile. After completing this process, you will no longer need any further instructions, and everything that follows will be entirely up to you.

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