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Do you have “bear” yet? Who will you go out with this Mid-Autumn Festival? What will you and your lover do this Mid-Autumn Festival? Those are the questions that are tearing through many of the people we are used to calling FA (Forever Alone). Having no “bear” is not a crime, it must have been fun. Moreover, even if they do not go out, FA can, and has the right to have fun, be entertained, and enjoy its World. will introduce some small fun, or rather a few games for you to feel this Mid-Autumn season is less “lonely” and lonely.

These may be the games you are playing, or already know, but nonetheless, this is also the first choice if you feel really want to “kill time”.

1. Pikachu Adventure

Pikachu Adventure

A classic and never-old game for those who love a bunch of adorable Pokemon. However, this is not a Pokemon game in the pairing style that we all know. Pikachu Adventure is a game form with a gameplay similar to Super Mario.

In this game, the player does not need to rescue the princess, nor does it have any mushrooms, the only task is to destroy the enemy while collecting coins. Compared to the current entertainment industry, Pikachu Adventure’s graphics are nothing to compare, but it is a game regardless of age, gender, especially easy to play and highly entertaining, Perfectly suited if you want to entertain this Mid-Autumn Festival.

Download free game Pikachu Adventure.

Similar games: Super Mario.

2. Bejeweled 3

Game Bejeweled

Bejeweled, also known as diamond puzzle, is one of the top games of Popcap Game (later Plants vs. Plants Zombies, Dynomite. This is a game that is probably more suitable for office workers and girls, however, there is no rule for this, so for a light brain game like this, guys may also want try.

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Eye-catching graphics, vivid effects, fun sound that’s what Bejeweled 3 gives players at first impression. In addition to the additions, changes and especially, the game has many different game modes, it will be a curiosity that encourages players to explore.

Download Bejeweled 3 for free

Similar games: Pikachu, Zoo Domino, Bejeweled Deluxe, Candy Crush Saga

3. Game AOE – Green Empire

Empire game

Another classic game, but with a higher scale and level. This is a strategy game, that no one is unaware of, even, Age of Empires is also considered a world competition. You can play online if you have a rival (Play Empire through Garena, or LAN), or can be played against the machine.

With many different levels from easy to difficult, many different toys, various types of pieces, unlimited gameplay, players will return to the Roman period, while building their own Empire, protect it, fight and conquer other territories.

If you have to stay at home this Mid-Autumn Festival, recommend playing AOE, because this is the World you will own, time will not be a problem, all your concerns will only be “up. life, military development, fighting “.

Download game Empire – AOE

Similar games: Age of Empires II: The Age of Kings, Age of Empires III: The Asian Dynasties, Age of Empires III: The WarChiefs

4. FIFA Online 3

Game FIFA Online 3

Why? Is that football season? In addition to the 5 main tournaments, there is also C1, too great. Then why don’t we include such a top notch sports game, like FIFA Online 3? Not the first product of the football game series, FIFA is the most popular name, the most prominent and no other game can pass.

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Graphics are not really excellent, but players will be the master, Coach of their favorite team, even be their own idol player on the football field. Tactics, formation, performance, pre-arrangement, in-game, are entirely up to the player.

Are you a CR7 fan? Have a dream to play Messi? Or want to once go to the theater of dreams, set foot in the Park of the Princes? Do you dream? Let FIFA Online 3 help you do all that. A sports game, a top soccer game not to be missed if you have to be alone at home.

Download FIFA Online 3 for free

Some similar games: FIFA 09, FIFA 10, Pro Evolution Soccer 2013

In addition, if you have children in your house, some games are interesting and are also loved by them: My Talking Tom, My Talking Angela good Talking Tom Cat 2 are also options that cannot be ignored.

With all the fun games for the Mid-Autumn season above, hopes to contribute more to make your New Year’s Day, your weekend more fun and more meaningful!

I wish you and your family a warm Mid-Autumn Festival!

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