Instructions to play Dragon Nest Mobile for newbies

For those who have just installed and played Dragon Nest Mobile (Dragon Nest M) will certainly be surprised by the gameplay of this role-playing game is quite rich and there are many different character classes to choose from.

Dragon Nest M It is one of the best mobile strategy games today, not only with beautiful graphics, joyful sound, but also a lot of attractive features, making gamers cannot ignore. The following article will guide you how to play Dragon Nest M in the early stages of the game.

Character classes in Dragon Nest M

How to play Dragon Nest Mobile

Dragon Nest

Dragon Nest M for iOS

Dragon Nest M for Android

Below will be things to know about Dragon Nest Mobile at the basic level and what we will have in the first 15 levels of the game, specifically:

1. Choose the character to play Dragon Nest M

As is known, Dragon Nest M has 6 different character classes for players to choose from. Starting the game, we will have the opportunity to try out these characters as well as their skills, from which to make a final decision. Note, each character will have its own skills, advantages and disadvantages, as well as its own way of upgrading during the game. The selection of character class will greatly affect the process Dragon Nest M and the strongest job class character will help you have a better game experience.

Character career development

We can choose a character from each of these classes to play, however:

  • Items cannot be switched between characters.
  • Pay attention to the developmental forms of the character, because at level 15 and level 45, the character will evolve in different ways.
  • Can’t change character’s appearance.
  • It is possible to change equipment, items as well as character costumes.
  • Players can name or use random character names.
  • Up to level 5, character names can be changed.
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2. Dragon Nest M supports players automatically

Execute the task automatically

  • If you are not familiar, you can touch the quests on the left side of the screen to have the character perform those tasks automatically. When you want to play manually, just control the character in the other direction.
  • Touch and hold the attack icon to keep the character attacking continuously.
  • So both attack and move to avoid the opponent’s attacks while launching the ability more accurately.

3. Install Dragon Nest M game camera interface

Change camera display

  • Dragon Nest Mobile Support different display modes (2.5D, 3D), depending on preferences or habits, we can choose a reasonable mode for ourselves.
  • These modes can be easily changed from the outside of the screen.
  • Players can also change the screen interface for less clutter.

4. Find the hidden goodies in the game

Rewards in the game

  • The daily rewards in Dragon Nest M are quite plentiful but not always available, players should spend some time looking for them to increase strength.
  • Every time you open a new feature key, you should learn about it carefully to use it more effectively.
  • Characters have free skill points infinitely reset (up to level 30) so they can be used many times.

5. Dragon Nest M community features

This is one of the best features of this action-strategy game. Players can get help from the admin or from other players in the game when having trouble.

Community features in the game

  • Can use voice chat.
  • Choosing the user icon while chatting will help you see their Guilds, invite them to events, challenge …
  • Join any guild, you can improve character attributes, get more rewards.
  • It is possible to customize the chat box with special items.
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At the first levels, everything seems easy, but the deeper it gets, the more difficult the player needs to quickly get used to the character’s gameplay as well as the proficient use of skills and equipment. characters for the best game play.

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