Dota Auto Chess: Guide to squad

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Dota Auto Chess is the leading strategy game today, although it was only released not long ago, but this role-playing game has immediately attracted a large number of players around the world as well as in Vietnam.

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How to set up a team to play Dota Auto Chess

Basic formation

Basic team formation in Dota Auto Chess

Basic arrangement is what one when new Dota Auto Chess players all need to know. For example, the Tanker (tanker) is always in front, the damage generals (DPS) will be behind and depending on whether the champion is short-sleeved or long-sleeved, to choose a more suitable position.

Another basic thing we need to keep in mind is that each piece we choose should and must be arranged so that when it comes to the turn, it can immediately attack the opponent without having to move too much, avoid losing advantage. For example Ax – a large area damage champion, capable of attacking all enemy minions in the vicinity, so it should be placed in the center of the formation.

How to line up the Dota Auto Chess team

It’s also a basic Dota Auto Chess layout with the tank in front and the main dame behind. This formation can both let the tank generals bear the attack of the opponent, while allowing the damage champion on his side to freely use the skills to counterattack.

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How to align the team composition when playing Dota Auto Chess

As shown in the photo above, the outermost QoP, Clockwerk, and Timbersaw, Lycan will not take too much damage and can attack the opponent easily.

The second arrangement, shown in the photo, is that Beastmaster is placed at the bottom of the row and can roll all over His skills are on the enemy squad, while Alchemist has only the sole task of launching and suffering so he can be sacrificed at any time, able to stand at the top like a tanker.

Doi hinh Dota auto chess 5 Line 2 - Emergenceingame

In the last case, the two tanks are ranked in the two surrender, the units that can use and can use early skills are placed in the middle, the damage champion will be behind.

Doi hinh Dota auto chess 5 Line 3 - Emergenceingame
The horizontal line-up is quite flexible


The horizontal line-up is quite flexible and customizable with different champions. However, the key would be:

  • This is a formation that matches melee combat.
  • The critical units, the tanker, are placed in the two surrender.
  • Champions that need to use early skills are placed in the middle.

Box formation in Dota Auto Chess

This is a lineup that can provide maximum protection for your main damage and force the enemy to attack, so can be considered a box formation. defensive type.

Doi hinh Dota auto chess 6 Hinh hop 1 - Emergenceingame

Specifically, as below, with this formation, the opponent who wants to attack is forced to raise the pressure, at this time, your generals can deal maximum damage to the opponent and at the same time still protect. the damage generals behind.

Doi hinh Dota auto chess 6 Hinh hop 2 - Emergenceingame

Special formation

This is the formation we will need to use in the second half of the game, champions with strong skills, attacking on a large scale will be strategic pawns, deciding to win and lose the whole game. In particular, if you own more champions that can control it will be a huge advantage. Because you can attack first and let the main damage generals take down the enemy while still under control.

Doi hinh Dota auto chess 3 Skill 1 - Emergenceingame

For example, in the above scenario, you can see that Disruptor and Kunkka are almost eliminated right after they release their skills. But that is not too important, because after they perform their skill and make the opponent temporarily dumb or stunned, the heroes of the Assassin-type (Assassin) and the Hunter (Hunter) will have time. attacking, not only dealing damage but also having a chance to destroy all enemy units.

Doi hinh Dota auto chess 3 Skill - Emergenceingame
The special formation requires players to have experience and understanding of each piece

We can see this more clearly in the illustration below. General Medusa can cast a move that causes enemies hit by the attack to not attack again. And for now, just letting the high-damage champions on our side do the rest.

However, when using this lineup, players also need to keep in mind, there is always a tank next to the important champions. Both attract attacks, just protect the main damage champions until they can act.

In fact, there are no mandatory rules or regulations that talk about having to use a formation or a troop layout when playing. action game Dota Auto Chess. Which depends on what kind of units we have or at what point in the match, what kind of troops the enemy has … a lot of things we can do to decide what kind to do. What tactics or formation is used.

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