Dragon Ball FighterZ – This is the result when 2 warriors can both teleport

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If familiar with the world 7 Dragon Balls You must have heard of the trick Teleport also known in English as Instant Transmission. True to its name, it allows the warrior to change his position at a great distance in the blink of an eye.

However, in addition to the “original” version that Goku often uses with the typical move of placing 2 fingers on his forehead, there is another extremely popular copy in the game. Although technically it is not “Teleportation” at all, in real combat it is equally beneficial.


Originally titled Rapid Movement, Vanish or Vanishing Attack in Dragon Ball FighterZ, it allows users to move from one location to another in the blink of an eye. Basically, this move only allows the user to move at extremely high speed, creating the feeling of appearing and disappearing at the same time, not with the same power as Instant Transmission. However, when fighting at close range, its benefits are still hard to deny, allowing players to create extremely sharp and unexpected counter-attack situations. But the question here is what if both can activate Vanishing Attack? What if both can instantly teleport in front of the enemy?


The answer lies in the match between 2 professional gamers Theo (Echo Fox) and EMP KDZ. Two sides with the control of 2 characters Tien and Goku Black displayed the best martial arts skills in the village fighting games. However, most of the time, EMP KDZ is always the dominant player with much more health than Theo. Looking at the screen you can see that it only takes one or two more moves and Theo’s Tien will have to defeat the radio.

Perhaps because of that, Goku Black of EMP KDZ confidently rushed to finish the enemy and thought he had won when activating Vanishing Attack. However, right at the moment when Goku Black appeared behind Tien to end the first match, Tien also performed his own Vanishing Attack. He disappeared and appeared right behind Goku Black, before launching a kick straight into the opponent’s head and officially turning the game around without a counterattack that couldn’t be more satisfying.

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