Startled with horror movies based on SCP games that are better than Hollywood

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SCP – Containment Breach Although it has been released for 7 years, it still haunts the player’s mind as one of the titles horror game Scariest item. For those of you who don’t know, SCP is set in the surrounding area SCP Foundation A top-secret government organization tasked with controlling creatures, objects, or geographical locations that are beyond the laws of nature or threaten human survival. The three criteria of SCP are Secure, Contain and Protect, i.e. Confinement, Containment and Protection – Also the first 3 letters of the name of this organization.

Subjects held by the SCP Foundation are often monstrous creatures with properties that are incomprehensible to the human brain. One of such examples is SCP-096 – A primate-textured creature over 2 meters tall with jaws that can extend 4 times that of a normal human. SCP-096’s monstrous properties manifest when anyone looks at the creature’s face, whether in person, in photographs, or on video. At that point SCP-096 will go from normal to extremely aggressive, begin to howl and lunge at the person who sees its face, now referred to as SCP-096-1.


According to research, no matter where SCP-096-1 is located or how far away, SCP-096 is able to identify and rush towards its target. Any weapon of human creation, including antimatter guns or air-to-ground missiles, cannot harm SCP-096. Upon reaching its target, SCP-096 will proceed to kill and chisel the victim’s face, only to then return to a completely normal state.

With such monstrous properties, SCP-096 becomes one of the most haunting creatures the player has ever encountered in the game. That’s why this creature has just had a fanmade movie dedicated to it, explaining the whole event codenamed “SCP-096-1-A” when the creature escaped from the containment area to track down SCP. -096-1. You can watch this movie here:

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