Truth Arena: Build team, the strongest team in version 9.16B

Truth Arena: Build team, the strongest team in version 9.16B

The best team build guide in 9.16b will guide you through some of the best ways to build the best meta-compatible squad today. Guide to building a team, equipping champions for the team to easily reach rank 1.

This post will take a look at some of the top performing rosters that have been successful in the current patch for Teamfight Tactics. has updated this post with the data from patch 9.16b.

Truth Arena: Build team, the strongest team in version 9.16B

Patch update 9.16b is now live and brings a nerf to Gladiator champions. A bunch of popular champions in Teamfight Tactics and potentially Gank teams have been nerfed like Draven, Jinx, Kayle, Lucian, and Vi. Aatrox, Anivia, Gnar, Miss Fortune, Morgana, and Shen all have a bit of a buff. Bloggame is currently in the process of updating this article!

Build the strongest squad in Teamfight Tactics – TFT

While we strive to bring you the best squads, these are not always guaranteed to give you the best performance in Teamfight Tactics. You won’t be able to level up your champions fast enough, and some squads require items to appear early.

Gladiator lineup (Vi + Mage + Void)


Equip the main champion:

  • Because ~ Yuumi / Demon Book Morello / Angel Armor. These are the 3 main equipment. Or you can choose flexibly between Sorcerer’s Hat/ Spear of Shojin
  • Cho’gath ~ Morello Demon Book, Angel Armor
  • Ahri ~ Demon Letter Morello
  • Aurelion Sol / Karthus ~ Archangel’s Scepter + Sorcerer’s Hat, or you can equip Aurelion Sol with Rapid Fire Cannon.

Division of races and generations:

  • Fighter ~ Rek’Sai / Cho’Gath / Blitzcrank / Warwick / Vi / Volibear (Ahri wants Warwick wild bounties)
  • Magician ~ Ahri / Kassadin / Twisted Fate / Lulu / Morgana / Veigar / Vi (Spatula) / Aurelion Sol / Karthus
  • Wild ~ Warwick / Ahri
  • Void ~ Kassadin / Rek’Sai / Cho’Gath

The basic goal of this squad is to get Vi and equip Yuumi as soon as possible. You can earn 6 Gladiators + Lulu/Kassadin at L8 which gives you 3 Mages + 3 Void! You can also run 4 gladiators, 3 mages, 3 nowhere, 2 Hextech. If you can’t equip Yuumi (Spatula) on Vi, you can run 3 General Mages instead.

Here are some Gladiator – Mage squads that you can build.

Truth Arena: Build team, the strongest team in version 9.16B

  • Vi can be placed on the edge so she can get through an entire enemy squad!
  • Cho’gath in the middle allows him to get solid kicks and live long enough.
  • The rest of the Gladiator can be placed however you like.
  • You can place Blitzcrank next to Jinx to allow quick kills if you’re running this squad. Aurelion Sol wants to be the backline often based on the unti power he has. Your two options are to aim to hit Carry + as many units as possible or aim it at the rest of the enemy team to eliminate them quickly.
  • Lulu stay in the backline so she can buff as many unti to your squad.

Archers – Ma

Truth Arena: Build team, the strongest team in version 9.16B

Equip the main champion: ~ Ashe / Sejuani> Varus / Aatrox

  • Ashe ~ Statikk Electric Knife+ Guinsoo’s Rageblade/ Rapid Fire Cannon+ Shojin Spear or safer option with Angel Armor/ Red Charm/ Bloodsword
  • Sejuani ~ Angel Armor + Morello Demon Letter + Angel Armor / Blood Armor / Thorn Armor
  • Aatrox ~Hextech Gun Sword+Angel Armor. The Hextech Gunblade allows him to heal a lot with each Ult, and the Angel Armor ensures he gets rid of 1-2 Ults per round

  • Varus ~ Bow of Light+ Demon Book Morello+ Spear Shojin or Scepter of Archangel

Division of races and generations:

  • Archers ~ Ashe / Kindred / Vayne / Varus
  • Ghost ~ Mordekaiser / Kindred / Karthus
  • Other ~ Aatrox / Sejuani
  • Grade 8 ~ Swain / Poppy / Kayle / Braum or Anivia

The idea of ​​this formation is to use a Ghost formation to quickly kill 1 unit and Sejuani apply massive CC while your Squad deals critical damage to the enemy team. Equip 1 Statikk Electric Knife (more the better) & Ionic Spark to allow you to quickly kill a champion cursed by Ghost.

At Lv8 if you can get a Shovel you can turn Ashe or Kindred into a Devil (Ashe is better to avoid Hextech). Alternatively, you can turn Aatrox into a Knight and include Poppy or Kayle to hit 4 Knights. Another option is to make Varus (or Kindred) an Ice Nation and include Braum or Anivia to hit 4 Ice Nation that grants an additional stun.

Here are some Archers – Ghost squads that you can build

Build the strongest squad of TFT in version 9.16b

  • Folding angle – Ashe / Vayne / Varus can all change positions based on your threats. Without Blitzrank, Ashe takes Vayne’s place. You can also move Aatrox around depending on where the enemy team is. This is most effective against Assassin heavy teams.
  • Standards/ Amendments – Let’s align Sejuani, where she will do the biggest stun, hit the enemy team carrying + many other units. Vayne is used for hook bait & Mordekaiser is there to make sure no one gets into your backline easily. You can also replace Mordekaiser with Karthus.

Fighter/Assassin lineup

Truth Arena: Build team, the strongest team in version 9.16B

Equip the main champion: ~ Rengar/ Akali / Cho’Gath / Zed.

  • Rengar ~ Blood sword+ Angel armor + Cannons / Infinity swords.
  • Cho’Gath ~ Demon Letter Morello
  • Akali ~ Archangel’s Scepter+ Ỷ Heavenly Sword.
  • Zed ~Zed only works as a main carry if you can lift 3*. Equipment for Zed includes: Machine cannon + Blood sword + Angel armor. You can also use Infinity Sword to replace the Rapid Cannon or Angel Armor for a greater critical trigger.

Division of races and generations:

  • Fighter ~ Reksai / Cho’Gath / Blitzcrank / Warwick / Voli / Vi
  • Nowhere ~ Rek’sai / Cho’Gath / Kha’zix
  • Assassin ~ Kha’zix / Pyke / Zed / Rengar / Evelyn / Akali / Katarina

The core of this build is having Gladiators as your frontline to distract people while your Assassins get up and get to work. Use only Akali or Zed, don’t run both because then you will lose the Ninja effect. Kha’zix must be added if you want to create a Void squad.

Building such a complete team with luck in finding items, ranking 1st is not difficult. However, the above items can be used on Jinx or Draven, so if you don’t have much luck with finding all of your Assassins you can switch to using Jinx / Draven + Void+ Fighter.

Another choice:

You could potentially give up the Void team synergy and replace Kha’zix with a better Assassin. Being able to run Rengar/Zed/Pyke or Rengar/Zed/Evelyn etc is a much stronger team of 3 Assassins. You can potentially do this if you’re not fighting a Noble/Guardian team but that will reduce the amount of damage your Cho’Gath/Rek’sai will deal.

Here are some Gladiator-Assassin squads that you can build

Build the strongest squad of TFT in version 9.16 b

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