Chinese game company must pay 10 billion dong for infringing One Piece copyright

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A Chinese mobile game company is facing accusations of infringement license of the One Piece when illegally using One Piece’s character images in their game. It is known that the company being sued is Huu Ai Science and Technology Limited Liability Company (English name is COM④LOVES). This company was established in 2011 in Beijing with a registered capital of about 10 million yuan (about 33 billion dong), specializing in developing and publishing mobile games.​


Dream One Piece is a mobile game launched by this company in 2013, this game has used 214 character images and corresponding details from the One Piece manga into its game when there was no one. any license or copyright.

It has been 5 years since the day Dream One Piece was released. Thought everything would be fine for this company, but in the end, whatever happens, this company has to face lawsuits from Toei Animation and Bandai. Namco. Accordingly, Toei Animation and Bandai Namco requested this company to stop all copyright infringement and compensate for the cost of 5 million yuan (equivalent to more than 16 billion dong).


Today, the Beijing Haidian Court has made the final judgment on this case. The court found that the company COM④LOVES had committed a serious violation of One Piece’s copyright rights, and ruled that this company must pay a fee of up to 3 million yuan (equivalent to nearly 10 billion dong.)

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