If you play a survival game, you must play a game with a door

For the skydiving shooter genre, even the door It is also quite important when the gameplay has a lot of things related to it.

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The first is about the ability to defend, the door is also a very good cover for gamers in case of home defense. The door can be very well shielded and when the door is opened, there will be a sound, then it will know if the enemy has entered the house or not. Therefore, one advice is to close the door carefully when entering the house.



Besides, it’s about loot items or camp the opponent. If you see the door open, it means that there is a high chance that there is an enemy inside or this house has been damaged loot thing. In the early game, if you jump into a crowded area, you can use the strategy of hiding behind the door and waiting for the opportunity or you can troll the opponent by closing the door after the loot.



For now, let’s watch the youtubers Manh Mo and ABCT36t have very interesting experiences in the war survival ROS mobile around the door.

For the reasons mentioned above, the door seems to be unimportant, but it is incredibly important. It is the doors that are one of the things that make the game unique Battle Royale. So playing survival games is a must play game with doors!

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