Download now Cytus II – Super mobile music game… install it and you’ll be addicted

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For gamers who are passionate about music, the name Cytus has become a monument.. Developed by famous studio Rayark, Cytus enters the hearts of players by great melodies and extremely creative gameplay mechanics. Different from the music games In the style of Audition, the gameplay mechanism of Cytus requires gamers to perform countless different touch movements.. providing an interesting challenge when the vibrant music resounds in the ears.


Cytus II When released, it brought that value even higher, making gamers fascinated for hours in front of the Smartphone screen. In fact, Cytus II has been released for a while on iOS, but only today has the game officially set foot on Android. If you want to immerse yourself in the great music atmosphere, what are you waiting for, but go straight to the bottom of the article to download Cytus II right now.


Cytus II takes gamers into a future world where the Internet is now merging with real life. There exists a legendary DJ named Aesir, who attracts millions of viewers worldwide. Never before showing his face, Aesir stunned the world when he announced a super-scale live show with famous Idols and DJs participating. However, just as the live show was about to start and break the record for the number of spectators, Aesir suddenly disappeared.. The internet has a lot of different reactions to this event and you will become one of many music. The doctor is looking for a solution to that mystery.


Cytus II gives gamers an interaction mechanism similar to the old version but now evolves through 5 different Nodes with each Node requiring a special touch and release. Each Node that appears on the screen is in harmony with Beat music, allowing gamers to both interact with their hands.. and feel the music through their ears.

If you are a gamer who wants to take a break after “rescuing the virtual world” with swords and guns, Cytus II Definitely a great choice for you. Readers can enjoy Cytus II by downloading the game for free directly here:

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