PUBG is about to have 2 new maps and 1 new test server

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With an incredibly large number of gamers, PUBG Obviously had a very successful 2017. However, not so that the game’s developers can “sleep pillow high”, when their opponents are also trying every day to catch up. Even with its “free” advantage, Fortnite even once surpassed PUBG in terms of people. Understanding that, should PUBG Corp We are constantly releasing new updates to make the game even better. And, in 2018, those updates can bring players extremely interesting and new experiences for a game like PUBG. The first and most special thing is probably the decision to open another test server for the PC version of the game.


“This year we want players to be involved in PUBG’s development even more than before. To do this, we decided to open a new test server called Experimental Test Server. That way, the team will be able to get feedback on developing content sooner, and players can have a real influence on what happens next with PUBG.”


With the above official announcement from PUBG, in the near future, players will be able to experience this game with 3 versions. The most standard and stable version, of course the official server, with the content has been thoroughly tested before being applied to the game. The test server, which has always existed, will contain new content but has been developed relatively well. With the Experimental test server, players will experience super new content that is not really complete. That is, players can participate in the development of new content from the beginning, so that they can make suggestions to change those content according to their wishes. of the community.


Also in this announcement, PUBG also mentioned a new map in development. This will be an island map, smaller, and designed with the purpose of increasing the tempo of the game. The density of players on the island will be denser, forcing them to have more gun battles from the very beginning. This is a map that is still very new in design, and will of course be applied first on the Experimental server, so that players can experiment and contribute ideas to the development team.

New map will focus more on gun battles

In addition to this supposedly smaller map, another new map with an area of ​​8×8 is also being developed by PUBG Corp. Learning from the previous experience, when the new desert map received a lot of complaints from the community, this new map will obviously also be applied on the Experimental server first, to get feedback sooner. . Not stopping there, an expression system is also being developed by PUBG, and similar to the above, it will also be included in the new test server in the near future.


According to experts, launching an “experimental” test server as mentioned above is a great move for PUBG. With the Experimental server, designers will have a more free environment to develop their abilities. Their primitive ideas will be applied to the test server, for players to judge if it makes sense. Because it’s still in its infancy, they can easily change and improve it. This is completely different from the old test server, when the content is almost complete. At that time, every change, no matter how small, will take more time, effort and money, but it may not be effective.

The new map desert is not really loved by gamers

In addition, the Experimental test server also allows gamers to participate in the development process more thoroughly. With earlier access to all game changes, players will be able to contribute their ideas, and help developers find the optimal solution before making those changes into the final version. That is to say, when the official version is updated, it will be the updates that most players are satisfied with.

The launch time of the Experimental test server has not yet been announced by PUBG Corp.​

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