Chat with the couple Tru Tien 3D: “Thank you for the game for bringing me happiness”

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“No man knows what true happiness is until he gets married. Thanks Tru Tien 3D That brought me happiness.” Those are the emotional words of Hung Riddle when he is about to step into the most important day of his life, officially becoming a husband and building a small home with the girl he decided to share. intend to live with me for the rest of my life. And no one else, it is thanks to Tru Tien 3D that she is a “cool matchmaker” for the young couple. Today, let’s meet and talk with our new groom with Emergenceingame.Com to hear more about the couple’s special love story.


Interviewer: Hello, first of all, can you introduce yourself and your fiancé to Emergenceingame.Com readers and the community? Tru Tien 3D gamer do you know?

Hello everyone, I would like to introduce myself as Hung, and my wife’s name is Thuong. We got to know each other thanks to Tru Tien 3D and in more than a month, we will officially return to the same house.


Interviewer: Can you tell me a little bit about how you and your wife got to know each other? What were your first impressions of her?

My wife and I have known each other since we were on server 14, just called each other through the Tru Tien 3D group. At that time, both of them were owners of two different states, so they weren’t very close. It was time to switch to server 19 to start learning and getting to know each other. After talking gradually, they became close and developed more feelings for each other, finally deciding to move into this relationship.


Pv: Falling in love and marrying a person who is a gamer, even playing the same game with you must have a lot of special things, you can share some memorable memories between the two of you during your search. do you understand each other?

In fact, during the time of “flirting” with each other, we only talked via facebook mainly, because every time we finished a mission in the game, it was always off, so there were not too many memories in the game. Perhaps the most memorable thing for both of us is that after deciding to get married, we went to server 22 to organize our first wedding to be able to keep this memory forever with Tru Tien 3D.


Reporter: After getting married, will you still continue to stick with Tru Tien 3D for a long time?

If time and work allow, my husband and I will continue to play games together, maybe after having children, we will teach them to play since they were little, hehe.

Reporter: Through your special love story, do you have a few words to send to other gamer couples of Tru Tien 3D and other games?

Hopefully, the couples who have been and are in the process of finding out later will soon come to a good marriage like their husband and wife. The love that comes from the virtual world is not bad, the important thing is that you have enough determination, enough love and sincerity to be able to hold hands in real life.


Reporter: Yes, thank you very much for your comments here, on behalf of Emergenceingame.Com as well as Tru Tien 3D community I wish you and your wife always happy with your love!

The wedding of the young couple Hung – Thuong will be held on April 11 of the coming calendar. As well as the groom’s message to gamer couples, hopefully there will be more events like this in the near future so that online games will become more and more worthy of the title of “cool matchmaker”. must be prejudices about virtual love games through the game!

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