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If you are a gamer who is passionate about role-playing on Mobile, the name Asobimo This is the game company behind the Izanagi Online, Toram Online nice Avabel Online cult. Now, the development team from the land of Cherry Blossom continues to offer a completely new product, a rookie with deep gameplay and extremely artistic graphics.


Yes we are talking Alchemia Story – Title MMORPG has just officially launched on both Android and iOS. Readers can go straight to the bottom of the article to download the role-playing product for free today. In fact, the Japanese version of the game has been available in the home market for a while, but only today has the Global version officially launched.


Alchemia Story begins with an extremely in-depth character creation system, allowing gamers to express themselves in countless aspects such as face, physique, hair, even age. Not only that, the game also possesses a very unique feature, allowing players to fine-tune an auxiliary character completely at their own discretion. The doubling of the ability to express yourself is the first step of Alechemia Online on the road to becoming a top MMORPG.


Graphics of Alchemia Story are also highly appreciated, but not in terms of effects, but through the artistic design style. Entering the game, players will feel a colorful world with detailed and vivid constructions or characters with extremely unique appearance.

As mentioned, Alchemia Story has officially launched Android and iOS… ready for readers to download the game for free RPG this on Android and iOS from today:


GameHub download - Emergenceingame


GameHub download - Emergenceingame

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