Startled with Fear the Wolves – PUBG’s opponent has crazy beautiful graphics

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If you know the reputation of the series FPS STALKER You must have heard the name before Vostok Games. This Ukrainian developer is the new home built by STALKER veterans after their old studio was disbanded. Vostok Games’ first product is Survarium – a popular online FPS game launched in 2011.

Now, after a long time only operating Survarium, Vostok has prepared to break the game village with a completely new product… a style FPS title Battle Royale like PUBG with extremely beautiful graphics. Yes that is Fear the Wolves – The game has officially revealed the first images and promises to become a worthy opponent before PUBG.

Regarding gameplay, Fear the Wolves Completely follow the style of Battle Royale with a large map that supports up to 100 players to join the battle. However, the special thing is that the game also applies the effect of radioactive contamination to a few special areas, forcing gamers to collect resources and create defensive equipment to be able to enter here. Not only that, in addition to normal players, the map also has mutant creatures that make the journey to survive even more difficult.

Fear the Wolves currently does not have an official release date, but gamers hope Vostok will release a new test in the near future. All information about the game will be updated by Emergenceingame.Com for readers as soon as possible.

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