The secret details of Thor 3 will pave the way for Avengers Infinity War (P.1)

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1. Doctor Strange

Actually in Thor 3, Doctor Strange also appeared briefly. At that time, when Thor and Loki arrived on Earth not long ago, Doctor Strange discovered and took Loki away. Later, Doctor Strange explained that the reason for this was because he was currently protecting the earth, so he had to pay special attention to strangers coming from other places. Therefore, in Avengers 3: Infinity WarDoctor Strange can also quickly detect the intrusion of Thanos and his men so that he can promptly protect the safety of the earth.


2. Thor’s New Look

In February of this year, when Avengers 3: Infinity War start recording, Marvel released teaser images for this movie. Fans were able to see in that image, Thor holding a new type of combat weapon instead of the familiar Mjolnir hammer. After watching Thor 3: Ragnarok, the audience also learns that Thor’s hammer was destroyed by the evil female Hela, which also explains why Thor had to use a new weapon instead. Not only that, maybe in Avengers 3: Infinity WarThor will still wear a blindfold and continue with the “single-eyed” image.


3. Hulk

Hulk had a pretty spectacular attention-grabbing performance in Thor 3, Hulk’s story is based on the original Comic Planet Hulk. He lived for 2 years on the planet Sakaar. During that time, Bruce Banner still lived as the green giant Hulk. In the movie version, Banner mentioned that if he transformed into the Hulk again, he might not be able to return to human form anymore. This can be understood that: In Avengers, we’ll probably see Banner always in Hulk form. Unless he is beaten back by Thanos or awakened by the Black Widow.

4. Loki and the Space Stone (Space Infinity Stone)

In Thor 3: Ragnarok, Loki ignited the eternal fire and brought back the fire demon Surtur to life. In the process, Loki looked through the Space Stone. Although the movie doesn’t make this clear, fans have speculated that with Loki’s personality, he will take the stone away. So in Avengers 3 In the near future, it is possible that Thanos will steal the Space Stone from Loki’s hand.


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