10 FPS games worth waiting for gamers in 2018 (P.2)

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6. Insurgency: Sandstorm

Sandstorm is the sequel to Insurgency, the 2014 game released by New World Interactive. Much improved in terms of technology, Sandstorm promises to bring players epic gun battles between fierce sandstorms. Different from many games FPS otherwise, in Sandstorm there are no health bars nor healing items. Hit a bullet in the nick of time, and your in-game life will come to an end… realistically.


Like its predecessor, Insurgency: Sandstorm also focuses on coordination between team members. Obviously, when you can’t heal after being hit, having teammates to support is extremely necessary. Sandstorm doesn’t have a single-player campaign mode for the time being, but it’s likely that things will change when the game officially launches.

The game will be available on all 3 systems PC, PS4 and Xbox One later this year.

7. Escape From Tarkov

Not just an ordinary FPS game, Escape From Tarkov can also be described as a simulation role-playing product with MMO elements in leading the plot. That might be too much for some gamers, but for others it’s fascinatingly rich.

The story of the game revolves around Tarkov, a city in the midst of constant armed conflicts. Most of the people here have fled to other places, and you will play as one of the few mercenaries left. Tarkov was locked down, all supplies and communications were cut off. It is now a prison, holding you and the rest of the people trapped. In the midst of that situation, you will have to cooperate with friends, even old enemies, to find a way to survive and escape.


Escape From Tarkov is currently only planning to release a PC version this year.

8. Quake Champion

A name that seems to be too familiar, especially for longtime fans of the Quake series. The famous names from the past of this series will return and prove themselves once again on the battlefield, such as Anarki or Sorlag… Against them, there will be equally famous “guests” , such as Wolfenstein’s BJ Blazkowicz, Doomguy or Doom Slayer.


The Early Access version of the game is now playable on steam. Looking at the feedback from players, we can see a combination of positive and negative attitudes. Many people love the game, others complain that it doesn’t run smoothly, is a bit laggy, or even has too many Overwatch elements… Either way, know that the game is still in its infancy. Early Access, and everything can be improved in the future.

If you are a fan of Quake, this is definitely a game not to be missed. Those interested in the Early Access version of the game can access it at the following address: http://store.steampowered.com/app/611500/Quake_Champions/

9. Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus (Switch)


Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus has actually been out for months, so it shouldn’t be on this list, except that we’re talking about the Switch version of the game. There is not much to say about Wolfenstein II, as it has been extremely appreciated in the past when it was just released. Regarding the combination with the Switch version, we will have to wait until the end of this year to draw a conclusion.

ten. Agony

It would be a bit odd to put Agony in the FPS genre, when yes, the game uses a first-person perspective, but the character’s weapon is more like a stick that fires magic lightning bolts than guns. But, anyway, the way it attacks is still “shooting bullets” at the enemy, right?


In the magical world of Agony, you will awaken and find yourself the newest inhabitant of Hell. Obviously, this is not a peaceful place to live, so you will have to find ways to get out. Your target is the Red Goddess, an evil goddess who loves fresh blood as well as… nudity. Of course, the way to “come to her” is not easy, and the magic stick in your hand will be an extremely expensive companion.

Agony possesses elements of horror, gore and survival, and will certainly give you moments of heart-pounding fear. However, with a powerful weapon in hand, you will more or less have the opportunity to boil blood when describing the conflict between the monstrous inhabitants of Hell. Or at least that’s what the writer himself is looking forward to. The game was originally planned to be released on March 30, but has been postponed to another unspecified time this year.

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