Dota 2: What are the heroes that get the most buffs and nerds patch 7.30

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Dota 2 patch 7.30 is out and the meta will definitely be turned upside down.

Patch 7.29 was dominated by Aghanim’s Shard and green stick, but they were nerfed in 7.30. The neutral item list has also undergone a major change, while some heroes have acquired new skills. Out of the 121 heroes of Dota 2, there are six heroes with buffs and nerfs that stand out the most in 7.30

Here are the heroes that benefited the most from Dota 2’s 7.30 update.


One of Bane’s biggest weaknesses is mana in the laning phase. Brain Sap is one of the best trades in the game and reducing its manacost really makes this skill much better. The most noticeable improvement, however, is the reduction in Fiend’s Grip’s cast point. A lot can happen in 0.4 seconds, but 0.2 seconds will help you catch enemies trying to juke you in the bushes.


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Dark Rift has not been considered a strong ultimate for a long time. In theory it’s pretty awesome in certain situations, but Underlord’s new green cane is the real scary one. New green stick for Fiend’s Gate skill, it’s like Doraemon’s magic door: creates two portals between two locations. Teammates can use them many times, can create a connection point between the team fight and the fountain (if desired). Fiend’s Gate is also not limited to Underlord having to target one of his units to activate, so you can create a portal right in front of your opponent’s Ancient if the situation allows.


Valve this time favors supports in 7.30 and Lich is no exception. This hero has become weaker since losing Sacrifice (making way for Sinister Gaze). Lich’s mana stun now costs 80 mana at all levels and cast range increased. The upgraded Blue Stick, which was quite powerful before, now allows you to cast Chain Frost while stun. Lich’s biggest problem in 7.29 is the high mana and death risk due to the low cast range. Patch 7.30 fixed both of these issues.


Carry Ax was the breakout star of 7.29. Hero wins the WePlay AniMajor and explodes in matchmaking thanks to Aghanim’s Shard allowing the Counter Helix proc by hand. Unfortunately, Carry Ax is now a thing of the past after update 7.30.

New Shard now changed to damage reduction debuff. The era of Ax Manta Style is over, but that doesn’t mean the hero is out of time in the offlane position.


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Diablo Edict does a great deal of pure damage in lane and teamfight, but that change takes away the hero’s identity. Leshrac is one of the few casters that can destroy turrets after dealing magic damage to an opponent. Now, Leshrac is half lean and half fat between Zeus and the Outworld Destroyer.


Clinkz’s new rework looks interesting at first glance, but there are some points that make Burning Barrage weaker than Strafe. Barrage is strong because it hits multiple heroes or stacks camps, but Clinkz loses the ability to destroy turrets before the opponent can react. The new Clinkz can be a scary carry if buffed in the future, and currently, Clinkz is on the list of heroes with the heaviest nerfs in Dota 2 patch 7.30

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