Dota 2: Ranked Disable tier, which is the strongest Disable in the game?

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While waiting for more data as well as post 7.30 mini-patches in the near future, in the interim, let’s try to rank what is the best ‘hard diable’ of Dota 2. This article is objective in nature. Your opinion may differ from this list’s opinions.


We’ve said Sinister Gaze is the worst disable in the game, but with the presence of Void Spirit and the hero’s Aether Remnant, Dota 2 now has another poor disable. These are the only two Hypnosis effects in Dota 2. Both are weak and have easy exploits. For example, both of these disables can be dispelled with any dispel, meaning you can Lotus Orb on your teammates to save them.

There are a few interesting details worth commenting on when it comes to “worst” disables. For example, Sinister Gaze is a 0-cast point skill that is ideal for initiating heroes, as long as you’re quicker than your opponent. It also redirects the opponent, making it harder for them to use the defensive item Force Staff. In addition, the move is also useful against heroes like Bristleback and Mars.

tier C: Sufficient

Single-target stuns, weak AoE stuns, and situational stuns belong to Tier C. They’re usually used for ganking during the laning phase, but wane, unless improved with talent or Aghanim’s.

The most obvious example is Vengeful Spirit’s Magic Missile. It is a 1.7 second stun with an initial 9 second cooldown. The only reason Magic Missle is better than Sinister Gaze and Aether Remnant is because it doesn’t need channels and is more reliable. You push a button, that’s stun. Wraithfire Blast also makes this list for the same reason.

Hard to deploy, easy to counter stuns like Cold Feet, Homing Missle and Cursed Crown are also in this category. All three can improve, and the Cursed Crown’s upgrade is particularly annoying. But in general, they rarely cause trouble, especially if the opponent has a dispel.

Even Split Earth is on this list: it takes too much setup to operate and is most effective only when the opponent is pinned first, even then its stun duration is only 2 seconds.

Alchemist’s Unstable Concoction and Slardar’s Slithereen Crush are also in Tier C. They can be good initiators, but are hard to reverse or win the game alone.

Patch 7.22g Dota 2


This item is very similar to Tier C, but offers more value. Hoof Stomp AoE 2.5 second stun is slightly better than Slithereen Crush. Dragon Tail has a longer duration than Magic Missile. Ink Swell is slightly better than Cursed Crown: easier to deploy and harder to counter. Light Strike Array is faster than Split Earth.

These stuns can help win teamfight. A sensible Impal or Earth Spike can save allies and allow for a flip-flop, while Earth Spirit’s Rolling Boulder has a lot of cast time plus mobility for the hero.

Lion’s Hex and Shadow Shaman are also in this category for a simple reason: they have 0-cast points with decent duration. We mentioned in the previous post why Hex is superior to Stun when dealing with heroes that possess the ability to self-dispel.

Stun requires a good position or needs support from the team, in return, having very high stats is also in Tier B: Windranger’s Shackleshot and Mirana’s Sacred Arrow can help win the fight if maximized the duration of the game. they.

Bane’s Fiend’s Grip, Pudge’s Dismember, Tusk’s Walrus Punch and Spirit Breaker’s Nether Strike are all in tier B. These are the first examples of Spell Immunity’s ability to penetrate. The reason they are not ranked higher: Bane and Pudge require channels, so they are easily overturned by the opponent, unless the hero invests in Spell Immunity for himself. Tusk’s Walrus Punch has a very short duration, only used to cause interruptions. Sometimes difficult to deploy and short duration also makes Nether Strike in tier B.

Finally, we have the big Fear AoE effects, like Dark Willow’s Terrorize and Shadow Fiend’s Requiem of Souls. They are strong and have huge teamfight potential, which brings these skills close to Tier A. However, there are two main problems with these disables. They move the opponent against your will and Fear can be dispelled by any dispel, allowing the game to turn around in many situations, the easiest being to use Lotus Orb on an ally to neutralize it.

Shadow Fiend - Emergenceingame


This section is for the best cc games or disables that have many features and effects included. Going back to Tusk, it is quite understandable that Snowball will enter Tier A again because the ability to save you is very good even though the stun duration is only at C rank.

This logic can be applied to Nyx Assassin’s Spiked Carapace. It can be used to save you when the opponent has a lot of AoE, but the skill is strongest due to its ability to handle long-range damage.

This category also includes Lasso, Duel and Primal Roar: disable a powerful BKB piercing target. Rolling Thunder is also very annoying if used in certain areas of the map.

The article wants to emphasize Fissure in Tier A. Although its stun is not strong and only worth it at tier B, creating physical obstacles in the game is its scary thing. Knowing how to place Fissure properly can change the combat situation easily.

Finally, ultimates change teamfight: while not stuning through BKB, Kunkka’s Ghostship can turn paper supports a lot more buff, while Tidehunter’s Ravage stuns almost everything on screen. Warlock’s Chaotic Offering is a disruptive BKB-cross AoE.

Winter Wyvern’s Winter Curse and Puck’s Dream Coil are in between tier A and S. However, Winter Curse has no potential for team follow-ups in teamfights, while Puck needs a green stick to make it to Tier-S.

Winter - Emergenceingame


This is the most boring category, because almost everyone knows what will be in Tier S. Cross-BKB, extended duration, disable AoE that can turn the Net Worth dizzy are all in Tier S. Those are Faceless Void’s Chronosphere, Enigma’s Black Hole and Magnus’s Reverse Polarity. Each of these ultimates has its own strengths and weaknesses.

For example, Chronosphere has the longest duration, but it disables allies, making it a risky cc skill and limiting DPS potential. Reverse Polarity is easy to deploy and has a decent duration, but stuns can be dispelled with strong dispel and in some situations like Legion Commander, both effects can be negated quickly.

Enigma’s Black Hole can be broken while channeling, which is its biggest weakness, but due to its skill channeling it can pull in new targets, allowing for more disables if the enemy isn’t careful. Black Hole is also effective against self-disabled heroes, like Ursa, Slark, Abaddon, Troll Warlord and Tidehunter, heroes who usually don’t have a hard time escaping stuns, breaking through BKB, etc.


This last tier is a bit controversial and many people will object, but it does exist. There is a disable in the game that cannot be dispel, does not need channels, AoE and penetrates BKB, with a duration of 3.2 seconds, a cooldown of only 11 seconds. It was Ax’s Berserker’s Call and the article decided to choose this as the best disable in the game.

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Unlike Tier S, Berserker’s Call requires no investment and low risk. It can be used many times in combat without the need for a Refresher, so there is no fear of the enemy having a buyback.

The Taunt effect also cannot be dispelled. This can do a lot of damage, especially when Ax has Blade Mail on. It also forces the opponent to change direction, has the potential to destroy Force Staff, and is useful against certain heroes.

This move has two weak points: 0.4 cast point, compared to 0.3-0.35 for Tier S and AoE 300 skills, compared to 410 and 420 for Magnus with Enigma. But in return, the cooldown and low risk are the advantages of the skill. Surely some will disagree with the article on this point.

So what is your favorite disable in the game and what advice would you give when using it? Please share in the comments below

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