Should CSGO have a feature that forgives girlfriend killing?

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The punishment for killing teammates in CSGO is set for good purposes, but does the person killed have the right to speak up?

According to current CSGO regulations, any player who damages teammates beyond a certain amount or kills them will be kicked from the server. No one in battle, including the victim being killed, can prevent this auto kick. If there is a feature to forgive the person who killed me (whether accidentally or not), it will probably help the CSGO community become less toxic.

Currently, players can be banned for damaging teammates in several ways. The most obvious way is to kill teammates three times. CSGO players can be kicked when they exceed 400 damage dealt to teammates. It sounds like a lot, but just one unlucky nade will cause you to deal more than half that amount of damage. Deals massive amounts of damage to allies early in the round can also trigger kicks. If professional matches use Valve’s servers, getting kicked out of the game can happen as usual.

So why do CSGO players no longer have the right to “forgive” the person who will be kicked? There are many ways for developers to deal with this, including enabling automatic votekick (vote before kick) instead of auto kick. Even if the team doesn’t give the person a chance, the victim can actually be content to issue the punishment on their own.

The forgiving feature in CSGO also has some problems. A game-breaking pair can kill each other endlessly while teammates can’t do anything. Allowing four other people to vote together may result in a tie, but the benefit of this feature to making the community more tolerant is well worth considering.

Regulations on murder and punishment in CSGO

There are three ways to enable auto kick in Valve server:

  • Deals 80 or more damage to allies at the beginning of the round
  • Deals a total of 400 damage to allies in rounds
  • Kill you three times

The rules Valve applies to their matchmaking servers may differ from community servers and third-party matchmaking parties. In professional competition, there are no rules about killing friends or damaging teammates.

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