Dota 2 Update 7.28: Where are the strongest new Aghanim’s Scepters for Support

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A lot of changes were introduced in Dota 2 patch 7.28, including 24 Aghanim’s Scepter rework. Today, we are going to review 8 supports with a reworked green stick. Many of these heroes can also be played as cores (Dazzle, Magnus and Nature’s Prophet), but they can be quite successful as supports.

1. Magnus (6/10)

Scepter Reworked: Release 3 Shockwaves forward at 30 degree angles (hit only once). After reaching the destination, the shockwaves return to their original location and deal 75% damage, pulling the enemy to a second cast point.

If it was possible to hit a piece with all three shockwaves, this would be a strong Scepter, but it only counts as one of the three shockwaves. This blue staff is similar to the old Magnus build before reducing the cooldown for Skewer – instead of a time of three Shockwaves. When Reverse Polarity is used, one Shockwave is enough to pull all enemies in. Upgrading the green cane can be useful in teamfight when heroes are scattered, but as support Magnus it’s not worth it. Upgrading the old green stick reduces the Skewer cooldown to 6 seconds much better than this version

Is Aghanim’s Shard any better?

Magnus’ Aghanim’s Shard for the hero skill Horn Toss. Overall, it doesn’t do much except prevent enemy heroes from channeling. If it’s support Magnus, then Shard will be more beneficial. The only time we get green stick is when we’re fighting mega creeps and creeps rush into tier 4 turrets from all three lanes.

2. Oracle (6.5/10)

Scepter reworked: Causes Fate’s Edict to no longer disarm allies or make enemies no longer immune to magic damage.

Oracle’s old blue stick is not being used much and this trend is likely to continue. In theory, this effect is good but the price of 4200 gold is too expensive for support. The ability to heal teammates in combat (especially when False Promise is on cooldown) or disarm opponents without adding magic immunity is definitely a plus. But Oracle needs to prioritize items like Spirit Vessel, Glimmer Cape and Aether Lens, and then Aghanim’s Shard.

Is Aghanim’s Shard worth it?

Yes, Aghanim’s Shard is better than the green stick, because it helps the hero gain False Promise invisibility. That can help a struggling hero increase his chances of survival and healing. Shards should be gained instead of green sticks after building main items.

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3. Dazzzle (7/10)

Scepter Reworked: Shadow Wave dispels allies, increasing healing by +60 and increasing damage by +80

Dazzle’s new Aghanim’s Scepter brings it back to the time of patches 7.23 and 7.24, but this time with an additional 60HP recovery, which is a 43% increase in Shadow Wave’s cooldown (from 140 to 200). This Scepter is very good, because it can help you escape some moves like Pit of Malice or Overgrowth – skills that bind multiple objects at once. With Huardian Greaves or Eul’s, Lot Orb also helps Dazzle against Global Silence for the whole team. But you need to FARM to get to the green. Guardian Greaves, Glimmer Cape, Force Staff are items that serve Dazzle well and are easier to build. Depending on the game and what the opposing team has, Dazzle can still get a green stick to upgrade Shadow Wave.

Is Aghanim’s Shard worth it?

Not if you are support Dazzle. Aghanim’s Shard is only better for core Dazzle, which specializes in hand-crafted items.

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4. Keeper of the Light (7.5/10)

Scepter reworked: Added Will-O-Wisp, but instead of stun on recoil, it only controls movement: pulls troops inside at 60 units per second and doesn’t stop opponent from attacking/casting.

Will-O-Wisp is a bit weak since it doesn’t interfere with the channel anymore. Previously, it was a counter attack for Black Hole or Freezing Field. Now, it only affects hero positions but doesn’t disable them. It’s still useful, but it’s not strong enough to force Kotl to get a green stick instead of another item.

Is Aghanim’s Shard worth it?

Yes, it’s better than the green stick as it makes it easier to farm and also heals the team for 200 when using Illuminate – a skill that has only 11 seconds of cooldown (5 seconds with Chakra Magic cooldown). In addition, Aghanim’s Shard also makes it much easier to push high ground during the day.

5. Pudge (7.5/10)

Scepter Rework: Increases Rot radius by 200, deals damage by 80. Reduces healing of affected enemies by 25%.

Pudge’s greens come in many versions, but the newest one is actually a lot better than the old one. Green Stick now increases Rot’s damage by almost 67% (from 120 per second to 200 per second). It’s triple the burning damage of Radiance! Radius increased by 80% (area of ​​impact increased by 324%!) ensures enemies are slowed by Rot and cannot escape. And yet, the larger radius can slow and damage multiple enemies, even when the enemy squad is scattered.

So why isn’t this the high-scoring green stick? Because this is not an item for support Pudge for the hero to spend 4200 gold. Blink, Aether Lens and Spirit Vessel are much more useful than green sticks and Agahnim’s Shard completely overwhelms Aghanim’s Scepter for support Pudge. In position 2 or 3 Pudge, the green club can be prioritized.

Is Aghanim’s Shard worth it?

Upgrading Aghanim’s Shard wasn’t good enough at first but thanks to the 7.28a patch buff (Dismember reduced its cooldown by 7 seconds, ie 20 to 13 seconds), it’s clearly a better choice than the green stick due to its low cost. 3 seconds disable (3.8 seconds with talent) through magic immunity is a skill worth using every 13 seconds. Not to mention the 18% recovery for allies is an extra bonus.

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6. Mirana (8/10)

Scepter reworked: Sacred Arrow unleashes Starfall on an opponent for 500 AoE while the arrow flies (activates on main arrow only). The second Starfall cast deals 50% damage to units hit by arrows.

This green stick is not only good in teamfight but also helps clear wave creeps from afar. Everyone within range of the arrow (500 AoE) takes 300 damage (before damage reduction) and the arrow that hits the target also grants a ‘light’ Starfall. Target hit by arrows will hit Starfall twice – one full damage within range and a second if hit. Sacred Arrow’s full stun duration deals 413 damage to heroes with 25% base magic resistance. With the green stick’s full Sacred Arrow duration, it deals 777 damage, not to mention bonus damage to nearby enemies. Usually support Mirana, you usually choose the -3s Sacred Arrow talent and this Scepter works well with that skill. Once at level 25, the +2 Multishot Sacred Arrow talent makes everything even stronger. Eul’s Scepter of Divinity is a must-have item for support Mirana, but after that, the green stick might be next (or after Eul’s and Spirit Vessel).

Is Aghanim’s Shard worth it?

Not if it’s support Mirana. Aghanim’s Shard is an item for core Mirana thanks to 1.5x critical strike, not Mirana support.

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7. Nature’s Prophet (October 9)

Scepter Reworked: Wrath of Nature cooldown reduced from 85 to 60 seconds. Entangles all enemies hit. Binding duration from 1.6 seconds to 3.4 at the last maximum jump.

Nature’s Prophet support is a rather strange concept because this hero is farmed more than other supports thanks to Wrath of Nature. Therefore, it is much easier to farm green sticks for NPs than for other supports. Wrath of Nature with green stick hits every enemy hero in teamfight similar to Overgrowth mini version, causing them to be Entagle. The initial duration was 1.2 to 3 seconds, but it was buffed from 1.6 to 3.4 seconds in Dota 2 Update 7.28a. Although not necessarily, it does make NP stronger. Then the talent reduces the cooldown by 20% at level 20, bringing the Wrath of Nature cooldown down to 48 seconds will make it easier for you to push the lane.

Is Aghanim’s Shard worth it?

Not really. Nature’s Prophet’s Aghanim’s Shard isn’t any better and really isn’t worth prioritizing it over the green stick.

8. Vengeful Spirit (10/10)

Scepter reworked: When dead, create your illusion, can cast all skills and deal 100% damage, take 100% damage. Illusion has a 30% bonus movement speed. If the illusion is still alive when you respawn, you will take its current position. XP gained by illusion is also given back to the hero.

Great Christmas gift for Vengefful Spirit. Vengeful Spirit has the same green stick in patch 6.86, but the illusion only deals 50% damage and takes 150% damage. The illusion now deals 100% damage and receives 100% back (deals more damage, and takes hits better than before). This Illusion is even faster than the real hero, making it easier to chase. But the most attractive point is the ability to earn XP for the hero. Basically, VS is like having two networks. VS also revives right at the location of the illusion, ie in a forced buyback situation, Vengeful SPIrit can appear immediately without teleporting to the nearest point possible and walking out. When the green stick created an illusion, ArtStyle went to Scepter for VS support right after having two Bracers. You can try this style.

Note: although illusion can’t use items, item aura still works.

Is Aghanim’s Shard worth it?

With Vengeful Spirit support, the answer is no. Shard is just a nice upgrade for Vengeful Spirit core with hand damage. Even if it’s useful for reducing damage inflicted by the opponent’s icore, Aghanim’s Shard won’t be as effective if you’re playing as a support.

According to vpesports

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