Research shows that esports players are healthier than the average person

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Many surveys and reports show a correlation between obesity and playing video games due to lack of sports activity. However, according to the latest research from the Queensland University of Technology, esports players are much healthier than the average person.

The survey came as a surprise to esports fans and the general public, given the many previous reports that gamers are often not in good health. Playing video games is often viewed as bad due to stereotyped thinking. New survey from Queensland University of Technology shows that gaming is not harmful – esports players are 21% stronger than the average person.

The survey was conducted on 1,400 participants from 65 countries. Results showed that e-sports athletes were between 9% and 21% stronger in body weight. The report indicates that top esports players smoke less and do not drink excessively.

Note, this report only surveys esports players. The study emphasizes the importance of strict adherence to protocol, healthy eating and exercise – which are indispensable in the life of a professional player. Research shows that a healthy lifestyle leads to better performance in the game. That’s why the percentage of people with good physical strength is always higher in the top-tier player group. Lower tier players were less physically fit, suggesting that athletic performance is also linked to esports performance.

The study did not take into account that lazy gamers just sit in front of the screen all day. They focus on professional athletes, but who follow a healthy lifestyle to compete more.

“As part of their training program, senior esports athletes spend more than an hour a day participating in sport. This is a tactic to enhance gameplay and manage stress,” said esports researcher at Queensland University of Technology Michael Trotter.

So does exercise improve performance in games?

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Team Liquid manager Michael Atrtress said that a high-carbohydrate (carb) diet affects the reaction times of players because they feel more sleepy and tired. Many professional players confirm the influence of proper diet and athletic activity on ability to play games.

“Recently, I’ve been constantly going to the gym and I feel like it’s a good way to take a break from CS because it helps you focus better, thereby playing better. I think going to the gym is very important, so I’m glad I made that habit.” Professional CSGO player, Tarik “tarik” celik shared.

The problem of not being able to exercise and unhealthy diets among some gamers continues to exist. They still don’t appreciate the impact of fitness on in-game performance and general psychology. However, this study has proven that video games do not adversely affect health, as most esports players are in better health than the average person.

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