Dota 2 Update 7.28: Hero analysis, what are the strong and weak heroes today

MIRANA - Emergenceingame

It’s been a few weeks since update 7.28 came out in Dota 2. While there haven’t been many ‘shocking’ changes to the game and the carry meta, there are still some heroes that have become strong, as well as some that are weak. go under the influence of 7.28.


MIRANA - Emergenceingame


Mirana seems to be on her way back to being one of the more powerful heroes in the game, she’s been slowly gaining traction towards the end of patch 7.27d and now she’s even stronger in 7.28. Mirana is used a lot in support and offlane roles. Not to mention, Aghanim’s Shard just made Mirana the main damage core. We saw many pro players using Mirana as mid or carry in 7.28, making her the most versatile hero in the game. Mirana is strong at every stage in the game, in every role. Not stopping there, the ability to make the whole team invisible is extremely annoying, making the already poor supports, now even poorer when they have to constantly spend a meager amount of gold to buy more Sentry Ward, Dust.

The One True King Wraith King Arcana Dota 2 - Emergenceingame


It seems that the king has risen strongly from the ground, since Radiance damage was nerfed in many patches before 7.28, this hero is no longer favored while Sven and Faceless Void are more and more popular. Wrath King is one of the best carries for carries that depend on their ultimate, but WK was forgotten in the last meta. With 7.28 changing the skill set, Wraith King can both increase the level of blood stealing skill and increase the ability to farm with skeletons at the same time. This means Wraith King can stay in lane longer and increase his farm speed without having to waste a lot of level points. WK is one of the few heroes that exploits the bonus damage that Radiance offers very well, thanks to his crit. These changes signal the return of Wraith King to Radiance 15-16 minutes, ready to push lane and use 2 lives he has to win fights early, better than other carry heroes.

nyx assassin - Emergenceingame


Nyx Assassin has always been a fun hero to play, but hard to master in the game. Nyx is barely able to pressurize in the laning phase which makes picking this hero unfeasible. With the buffs in 7.28, it looks like Nyx will return thanks to the damage and support he has mid-game, to make up for other shortcomings. We’re in a meta where carry heroes like Specter, Faceless Void, and Phantom Assassin are hugely popular, but rely heavily on passives. This meta also slows down the tempo considerably, allowing greedy heroes to be present, like Nyx for example. With Break, buffs, and stealth, Nyx Assassin will probably hit the ground running in 7.28.

Puck Dota 2


Nearly all of Puck’s skills are buffed in 7.28 and the hero has been used since the previous patch. Puck is a great answer to highly mobile heroes and is one of Dota’s early active heroes. With the meta slowing down, Puck can go hunting and then snowball matches. Items like Witch Blade or Falcon Blade help this hero create a better early game influence. That suggests carry Puck, with a Phase Shift Attack, might be back in 7.28. Puck is currently stable early game, very strong mid game as well as transforms into carry later.

Lycan - Emergenceingame


Zoo (Lycan, Beastmaster, Visage) will be very pleased in patch 7.28, in detail, Lycan gets a global buff Feral Impulse that allows creeps to become strong helping to deal a lot of damage to turrets without the hero being present. Most importantly, however, are the buffs for Helm of the Dominator and Necronomicon. Anytime both of these items are buffed in the same patch, you need to be careful with Zoo Meta. The low cooldown for the Necronomicon and the stat upgrade for the Helm of the Dominator create a lot of extra value. In addition, the new patch is also a time when people are testing a lot of new things and playing unstable. That allows Zoo to handle the slow team well, to end the game super fast.

2560x1440 Bane Dota 2 Logo - Emergenceingame


Bane makes a spectacular comeback in patch 7.28. Possessing pure damage to both Brain Sap and Fiends Grip makes the hero a bit stronger. Bane is also getting buffs early in the game thanks to the new Enfeeble changes. Not only does Bane trade hits more efficiently, but he can completely replace Spirit Vessel against heroes that rely on healing. The new Enfeeble is possibly one of the best spells in the game for that reason. Bane also got a little buff for night vision, helping me catch heroes trying to escape.

Invoker - Emergenceingame


It’s been a long time since we’ve seen Invoker Midas/Exort that specializes in damage. 7.28 is likely to revive this style of play based on current trends in both the pub and pro scene. Invoker now has a free Forge Spirit at level 8, making Exort/Quas builds more efficient. As mentioned many times above, a slower game tempo means players can play more greedy, helping to bring out Exort/Quas. Also, heroes like Faceless Void and Mars are still very popular, making Invoker the damage path worth considering. Not everything in 7.28 is just about Exort/Quas, items like Witch Blade are perfect for Quas/Wex builds too. This versatility and damage buffs in general will probably make Invoker an extremely scary hero in 7.28, it’s worth looking forward to a strong return of these ‘magic players’

BEST HEROS 7.28support meta dota - Emergenceingame


The new patch once again makes life more difficult for supports. Losing 10% of stack gold and neutral creeps no longer rewards more gold as the game goes on, making supports poorer overall. A lot of new neutral items seem to focus on helping core heroes more. And yet, the new items in the shop are also mostly focused on cores or late game upgrades for cores that have 6 boxes in the inventory. Not to mention, the meta now encourages players to pick more greedy cores, which means that strong supports early in the game are forced to be picked to make up for their shortcomings in the early stages (in return, these supports will not be very strong in the late game). ). Finally, since the game now starts with the night before, the warding task at the beginning of the game is easier, but also much more dangerous.

lifestealer Dota 2


Basically, Lifestealer has a skill split in two and has to invest 1400 more gold to get the old Open Wounds ability. This hero was initially strong by combining attack speed and lifesteal mechanics into one, but that was almost ruined in this 7.28. Slowing on all attacks sounds good, but the stats are so low that it makes LS players feel like the hero isn’t as strong as before. Lifestealer now needs almost twice the level to reach the same strength as before. That’s not really good news for Naix at all.

Sven Dota 2 - Emergenceingame


Sven was almost completely nerfed. Like Lifestealer, this hero now has to buy Aghanim’s Shard to return to the powerful superman he was before patch 7.28. While he still farmed well and dealt a lot of damage himself, Sven now spends more time ‘online’, making it easier to deal with this carry. Also, it seems that gamers are starting to know how to handle this carry, so the 7.28 nerfs will make Sven less important than before.



OD has a new name, old skills and honestly no one cares. This hero has been remade so many times that we don’t remember what his previous skill sets were. Honestly, OD might be strong thanks to the return of the hand-fight Orb, the period when the hero was very strong in the past (before patch 7.28). But at the same time, no one really wants to take the time to find out because Outworld Destroyer is likely to be changed skills (and renamed?) in the next patch.

Pudge - Emergenceingame


When is Pudge really useful in the game? The author doesn’t remember either. Looks like IceFrog updated Pudge 7.28 just for fun or simply to slap Pudge fans in the face. This hero is frankly bad. Poor lane, bad mid game. While Pudge is pretty strong late game, we rarely get to that stage without getting more than half reported by our teammates. Pudge really needs more lane presence and twice as many Meat Hook casts to be strong. Butcher didn’t get both of those things in patch 7.28 and the hero will continue to lose market share compared to other names.

keeper of the light - Emergenceingame


Almost no longer strong since Blinding Light was nerfed many times, this hero still suffers the same unlucky fate as Sven and Lifestealer, only worse than all in this 7.28 patch. You now need to buy Aghanim’s Scepter 4200 Gold to get Will-O-Wisp back. Will-O-Wisp is almost the only thing that helps Kotl be used in the game. The hero’s new skill, Solar Blind, can create many interesting combos but it will take time for players to understand how effective it is. We will most likely go back to the days of Keeper of the Light farming with Illuminate and have no impact on the game until the continuous combat breaks out. This is definitely a hero that will be used occasionally in the professional scene but will not be a great pick in the current pub.

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