Hearthstone: All you need to know about The Boomsday Project

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A new line of cards are the Project cards (according to the expansion’s name). The Project cards benefit both players. Only 4 classes Druid, Warlock, Mage and Warrior possess Project cards. If you play simply the Project cards, their value is not really clear, but you can use them to build certain counters against your opponent.

For example Druid’s Biology Project gives both players 2 mana with only 1 mana to play it. In terms of Ramp value, this is a very cheap card for increasing up to 2 mana (try comparing with Nourish), but the price to pay is that the opponent also has 2 more mana. If the Druid deck is built in the direction of requiring a lot of mana quickly, Biology Project can completely fill that shortcoming. Or like Warlock’s Demonic Project, you can break combos using your opponent’s minions (similar to Dirty Rat, you don’t even need to prepare a clear minion like when playing Rat).

What about the new Legendary?


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Need to draw a lot of cards? Here, play this card.

It’s not just the Omega and Project cards that bring new mechanics in The Boomsday Project. This expansion is the introduction of Legendary spells (although we had the Quest cards before, which are also spell cards, but their mechanics are different from the cards in this expansion anyway). Traditional Legendary cards were all minions, until there were Quest cards, then weapons like Aluneth or Kingsbane, then Death Knights and now we have Legendary cards. Some of them really have the potential to create completely new decks.

Rogue’s Legendary card is called Myra’s Unstable Element, and it will draw the rest of the deck for just 5 mana. A pretty good option to help aggro decks breathe when running out of resources. Your fatigue shouldn’t be a big deal, if you can finish the target off in the next few turns with cards drawn. Basically, the use of this card is quite similar to Auneth.

Are there any new Hero cards?


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A legendary name reappears, “Dr. 7″ or “Dr. Balance”.

But Seven will be the only Hero card in The Boomsday Project, much like Shaman’s Hagatha the Witch in The Witchwood. Warrior decks can use Dr. Boom, Mad Genius, Hero card with 7 mana and 7 armor (of course!) and will switch between 6 different Hero Powers, all relatively strong.

Not only that, Battlecry by Dr. Boom, Mad Genius gives all your Mechs a Rush until the end of the match, a type of effect like Frost Lich Jaina (all your Elementals have Lifesteal). If Jaina has synergy with Elemental then Dr. Boom has synergy with Mech, and some of his Hero Power will have direct interaction with Mech. You can see details of each Hero Power below.

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The Boomsday Project’s new keywords?


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The most notable Magnetic card.

It’s rare that a Hearthstone expansion doesn’t bring a new keyword, and The Boomsday Project is no exception with Magnetic, a mechanic with huge potential in both Contructed and Arena. Some Mechs with Magnetic effects can be “attached” to previously played Mechs, and you can choose to “attach” by placing it to the left of the Mech you want to merge, or to the right and Play as a normal minion.

As you know, many cards in Hearthstone require or are closely related to placing minions in the correct position, so consider carefully merging 2 Mechs, even if you intend to use Magnetic then you have to choose a reasonable location for the first Mech. This will be a big challenge for players.

Additionally, you can immediately attack with the combined Mech’s total stats if 1 Mech was on the field from the previous turn, and then the Magnetic’s meaning will be the same as a buff or Mech. with Charger. Note, if the Mech is silenced, it will lose Mech’s stats with Magnetic, so carefully consider your plan and your opponent’s potential responses.

Which cards should craft? Where can meta decks be found?


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One of the cards can turn Hearthstone into a Druidstone (again).

Force yourself not to craft Epic or Legendary for the first few weeks, it will usually save you a fair amount of dust on cards that look impressive but don’t actually have much value in Constructed. Remember the meta will be extremely chaotic in the first few weeks, today’s S-tier deck may be empty tomorrow, and it is likely that aggro will sweep the meta again 🙂

However, some cards are very craftable, such as Flobidinous Floop, which is said to be extremely OP for Druid, The Solarium for those who want to play Zoolock, or Zilliax if you want to play a Mech deck. Electra Stormsurge also very likely to play a big role in Shaman decks in the next 2 years.

Or you can also craft Mecha’thun. After all, it’s your dust

If you want to find sites with a wide selection of netdeck, Hearthstone Top Decks or HS Pro Decks Twitter feed is pretty good. If you’re willing to try some extremely fun decks and memes, you can check them out this link. And if you want to watch the newly tested decks without having to dust craft the cards in them, visit Twitch directory and keep an eye out for streamers like Savjz, Dog, Kibler and Firebat. Don’t watch Amaz.

Is there anything else I have to know?

Remember to buy the correct expansion pack (!). In the near future, after the meta is relatively stable, the list of 20 most worth crafting Legendary will be sent to you. Have fun playing daed gem and try not to lose your way in the chaotic flow of the new meta

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