Hearthstone: How Class Demon Hunter still dominates the meta

Hearthstone Demon Hunter Class

In the past three expansions, Demon Hunter has been in the top class with a high win rate and very competitive decks in the latest expansion. This continued despite DH being nerfed rapidly during early launch. With Aggro Demon Hunter storming the current Madness of the Darkmoon Faire meta, we need to ask why this class is still so ‘good’. And is there any way to fix this.

Too many leaves 1 mana delicious

Demon Hunter is still in development. This is the first time a new class has been added to Hearthstone, but it’s not plagued by the game’s ‘hard’ mechanics. Paladins used to be wasted by having too many Secret cards and spell buffs that were initially useless, Rogue had a few Combo cards that never used, like Headcrack, Perdition’s Blade and Kidnapperetc. With years of balanced experience, this time Team 5 has designed the new class too well.

The problem is, they do ‘overkill’ well.

Altruis the outcast

There are absolutely no leaves left over here. That explains why in Wild, even though there are fewer class cards than other classes, Demon Hunter has dominated since the early days of Ashes of Outland. Keyword Outcast pairs very well with two of the game’s three archetypes: combo decks that want to draw as many cards as possible while aggro decks aim for quick wins. They have a lot of cheap cards that don’t stay too long in the hand. However, this class has too many drawing tools and is not fragile thanks to the class’s available removal options.

This situation is quite similar to the time when Druid dominated the meta, swinging horizontally, freely using all hands and then using cards. Ultimate Infestation. This powerful card creates three to four similar archetypes for the Druid, differing only in how they finish off their opponents. Of course, the price to pay for throwing everything on the table in the first few turns is running out of cards to use. That’s why Zoo Warlock is a strong deck in the early Hearthstone era – this class has Hero Power available to draw cards. But now, Warlock’s Life Tap looks nothing compared to the options that Demon Hunter has. Classic Zoo decks used to use 10 1-mana cards to ensure optimal mana curve plus four cheap spells are Soulfire and Mortal Coil. Meanwhile, Aggro Demon Hunter now uses 12 1-mana minions plus two spells with no Hero Power available to draw. That makes us think that leaves like Acrobatics nice Stiltstepper maybe designed when Twin Slice 0 mana left.

Part of the problem lies in the minion: Intrepid Initiate and Battlefield has stats too high for 1-mana cost, not to mention Guardian Augmerchant and Beaming Sidekick help those two minons live very healthy in the beginning. They can curve now Wriggling Horror for better results. And yet, Voracious Reader makes Demon Hunter’s draw array even more terrible. These are just temporary issues, because we have more serious things to do.

Cheap tasty tonic

Twin Slice 1 - EmergenceingameWhen analyzing Aggro Demon Hunter decks, they are too effective in face punching. Do you remember Ironbeak Owl no, used to be a stable draw in the meta when it only cost 2 mana! Consume Magic costs just 1 mana, making it one of the cheapest Silence cards in the game and we haven’t even taken into account the draw potential. Similarly, Demon Hunter’s burn damage is currently second to none. This is also fine – as discussed above, this overactive play is limited when the deck runs out of cards to draw. This is where other problems emerge.

In addition, if you visit Arena mode, you will see Demon Hunter dominate with a 57% win rate. The class is supported by super powerful cards like Expendable Performers and Cycle of Hatred. Sang Duels, players also realize the power of Demon Hunter with Hero Power increasing damage Outlander.

Overcoming Demon Hunter

The author must say that he loves playing Demon hunter but also wants the power level of this class to be reduced. Demon Hunter owns the starting cards too well, making DH’s next class cards very difficult to craft.

First, let’s talk about the weak point of the class: specifically, there is no hard remmoval card. When the weakness of this class is having to use the face to erase the minions, a card like Blade Dance should not exist. Either discard this card completely or force it to “use up” your Attack so the hero can’t face at the same time or deal with the 4th minion.

Dealing with class draw cards can also be a good solution for archetypes. Although it’s just a changeSkull of Guldan 1 - Emergenceingame small change, but variable Skull of Gul’dan becoming Legendary can force players to experiment with other draw methods. Recent information data shows that Skull of Gul’dan is superior to Acrobatics, even in aggro decks thanks to the manacost reduction potential of cards drawn. There are also people who think that this card should not exist, similar to Stiltstepper – this card is too effective due to its ability to add 4 damage and draw.

Demon Hunter’s pure aggro gameplay is a must-have in the game – but that doesn’t mean it’s overdone. There are many other options for players to explore this class, but Aggro Demon Hunter will overshadow those choices. That inadvertently ruined the gameplay experience of most other classes. Hopefully Blizzard will soon have an adjustment for Demon Hunter.

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