What are the strong heroes in the professional arena 7.28

Most major tournaments end before update 7.28 comes out, but we still have a few events going on. This is an opportunity for the article to analyze which are the strong heroes that are popular in the professional arena.

Instructions for playing Mars


The two most popular heroes in the professional arena today. However, the number of matches is too small so we can’t draw much, but these are two very successful heroes, with a win rate of over 55%.

Mirana was discussed in the previous article (Dota 2 Update 7.28: Hero analysis, what are the strong and weak heroes today) and Mars also deserves attention. Mars’ shard and green stick are among the most versatile heroes in the game right now and can fit into any draft, almost any situation.

Upgrading the shard doesn’t cost too much but is extremely effective when Mars and the team are being left out. Pushing the highground is very dangerous with Mars, because the Arena of Blood can make good use of the terrain, dealing serious damage. Not to mention, the opponent also has to be careful not to be shot by the tower.

The new green cane also improves a lot compared to the old one. It encourages the use of Bulwark’s trigger, a skill that is not used much in pubs. Bulwark can turn Mars into a fearsome DPS machine that is hard to kill and impossible to ignore. The Blue Stick works best when your team is gaining the advantage, as it makes it easier for Mars to kill supports, without the need for Spears – saving the cooldown for a more priority target.

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Viper is a bit overrated in the current arena. 20% win rate while being picked too much will definitely make players reconsider.

There are many reasons for this decline, and changes in the meta are among them. The game doesn’t have much Specter left to counter, nor slow down Sven. In addition, this Viper is much weaker at level 25: not being able to use Silence is a big minus. While the three second Nethertoxin cooldown is great, it doesn’t make up for the quality that Silence used to deliver.


Quite strange, this hero is theoretically pretty nerfed but is winning a lot. This is true in both the pub and the pro scene and there are three reasons for that.

Flaming Lasso’s cast range is not much, but 175 makes it easier to use without Blink Dagger. Since most of the Batriders have been delayed on Blink lately, it’s basically much easier to get Lasso to the early game.

Second, Batrider now farm faster. Stack Napalm now works on non-hero units, which means you spend less time stacking Napalm and have a better chance of getting multiple neutral creeps at once. This speeds up hero farming significantly in the mid game, especially when Batrider has a lot of stacked yards. Stealing enemy stacks is also a priority for this hero.

The third change is the new Shard and the article feels it has a huge impact, despite the price of 1400 gold. Having a rescue move opens up a lot of new gameplay and makes support Batrider more useful than ever. Plus the ability to steal enemy stacks, while annoying in lane, we easily see how effective position 4 Batrider is.


Tidehunter is currently one of the strongest offlanes in the game. The two big problems with this hero have always been his inability to push turrets and his dependence on cooldowns. The cooldown issue is still unresolved. But the ability to push the tower, Aghanim’s Shard has handled.

Tide’s nuke +270 Physical Damage can reduce the opponent’s base damage and the 3 second cooldown is just too strong. Not to mention it also affects turrets. This means you can’t ignore Tidehunter even though the hero’s ultimate is on cooldown – this also indirectly solves the problem of Tidehunter’s cooldown dependency.

Hero has won 80% of his pro games since this patch came out. Although the number of matches is not much, but this hero is also on the rise in pubs so there is no reason for us not to play Tidehunter.

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