Solar Crest is the hottest item of many support 5 players in the world

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Spring DPC is underway and pro players have had time to adjust to the changes in patch 7.29. Each region develops their own favorite gameplay with their own Support 5 heroes. Today, we’ll take a look at the most popular, successful picks in the new regional meta and the rise of the Solar Crest item in 7.29.

Solar Crest Dota 2 - EmergenceingameOne of the biggest changes from update 7.29 is the reworked Solar Crest. The new version makes it a worthy item to top the game. Although the effect is reduced, the cost of Solar Crest is significantly reduced, making it more attractive to support 5 players. Even though the 5 supports in every region are different, they have one thing in common. Interestingly, they all went to Solar Crest. This shows that the item is a bit strong right now. Its effects are preferred by support 5 more than offlane heroes. In addition to the ability to defend, Solar Crest is also a great tool to help kill Roshan while support 5 stands outside the safe pit area.

Solar Crest 7.29 Dota 2 - Emergenceingame

Warlock hits North America

Tat ca tuyen thu support 5 gioi nhat deu dang len Solar Crest - Emergenceingame

Warlock is roaming horizontally in the North American arena. This support is the most picked hero in North American DPC, with a 78.95% win rate in pro games. Warlock became a key part of the meta thanks to the potential teamfight hero brings, as well as the ability to defend late game with Shadow Word. Because of the difficulty in getting gold, pro players often favor low-value support items like Ring of Basilius, Glimmer Cape and, most recently, the reworked Solar Crest.

Warlock has long been one of the best late game supports thanks to its teamfight abilities, but it’s Aghanim’s Shard that takes the hero’s late game power to the next level. Shard turns Shaddow Word into an AoE 450 move, and also increases the movement speed of all affected pieces. When combined with two Warlock talents that complement that skill, Warlock becomes one of the heroes who can maximize the Holy Locket item to significantly increase the healing of team members.

Western Europe favors Abaddon

Tat ca tuyen thu support 5 gioi nhat deu dang len Solar Crest 1 - Emergenceingame

Abaddon is becoming an interesting hero and has been played in a variety of positions over the last few patches. In the European DPC, teams found success playing Abaddon at support 5. By being behind the core farming in dangerous areas, Abaddon allowed the core to have more resources. Abaddon’s bright spot, in contrast to many other supports, is that the hero is hard to kill.

This hero is literally pure support, focused on defense and heavily reliant on cores to help win the game, as long as Abaddon can keep his teammates alive. When playing support in pub, sometimes Abaddon’s limited attack and control makes you feel like you can’t contribute much and have to depend on other heroes to play proactively. Because Abaddon loves this passive Dota gameplay, although farming is limited, the hero still shines well even though the networth is not much. Pro players often go to Solar Crest for Abaddon. This item blends well with the hero’s playstyle – focusing on making your carry much stronger.

Elder Titan sweeps every lane in China

Tat ca tuyen thu support 5 gioi nhat deu dang len Solar Crest 3 - Emergenceingame

Elder Titan is the most picked hero in the Spring DPC in China. Despite being the most picked, this hero still has an impressive 64.75% win rate. Such a high stat is a testament to the strength of this support in the top arena. Although the hero has a slightly similar gameplay to the two heroes mentioned above: standing behind and trying to save the cores that are corrupted, but in the ET laning phase is a completely different monster. Elder Titan likes to play proactively in dual safelane. Thanks to the massive amount of damage from Astral Spirit, any offlane must run when ET approaches. Later in the game, this massive amount of physical damage allows the Elder Titan to play more actively with the Solar Crest item. With ET, this item has more chance to trigger effects on enemies who are about to get punched in the face by ET, instead of focusing on core buffs. In longer games, ET’s Aghanim’s Scepter is extremely rewarding, allowing the hero to have magic resistance and sweep all enemy casters.

Each DPC region is currently developing its own gameplay, but all agree that Solar Crest is a very good item right now. This Solar Crest is a great early-game pub support 5 option worth checking out. So what is the hottest item in 7.29 in your opinion? Please comment at the end of the post!

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