Dota 2: Top strongest carry heroes 7.29 today

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What are the top 7.29 strongest carry heroes currently in Dota 2?

This is the end of the series of top strongest heroes in each position in meta 7.29. Today, we will talk about position 1 heroes: carry. Compared to the previous patch, Dota 2 has many big changes in the meta. Although there were many predictions before that range carry would resurrect, but the real meta revolves around carries that are considered the best of range.


Faceless void - Emergenceingame

Void received many important buffs in 7.28, but two stood out the most.

The first is the Shard of the Void. Reverse Time Walk is great. It can help Faceless Void get out of a bad situation or force the opponent to overreact, not knowing if you will return to the original position. But most importantly, the greatly increased cast range makes this Shard much more worthwhile. In games that need to shorten the distance to reach the enemies behind, this is perhaps the most important upgrade that Faceless Void can possess.

Also this Shard has one more advantage. It completely replaces the Time Walk cast range increase talent. Thanks to that, the hero has many new talents, including the very important +300 Health talent at level 15. Void already possesses good damage resistance and effective escape tool, but with this health talent, it will make a big difference, especially at high ranks.

The second major upgrade is Time Dilation. This move doesn’t deal much damage but is still worth a point for it early game and is an important asset in mid-game teamfight. Most of Time Dilation’s stats aren’t very impressive, but the end radius 775 really big. As long as you can see the enemies on your screen, they will definitely be affected by Time Dilation. This skill will definitely be a big hindrance for most supports as well as some cast cores.


Luna Dota 2 wallpaper - Emergenceingame

Luna carry 7.29 has not changed much. Shard is quite good while QoL (quality of life) is slightly improved. The real change is in the game itself: the economy and other popular heroes in the meta. There are very few popular heroes right now that counter Luna’s passive play in the first 18-20 minutes. The number of heroes ready to fight Luna with MoM + BKB + S&Y or Hurrican Pike before the 25th minute is even less.

Luna is a good laner thanks to her Lunar Blressing and high initial stats. Moon Glaives helps heroes farm very quickly. As long as the enemy doesn’t invade the triangle farm or sweep the map early, Luna will feel very comfortable to play.

Unlike many carries, Luna also has the option of playing the lane with a combination of physical and magic damage. Luna’s Shard doesn’t have to be up, but with the right talents in the right situations, the opposing team will have a lot of trouble. Not to mention we also have a green staff to increase Luna’s magic power.


Liệu Slark đã sẵn sàng để quay trở lại đấu trường Dota 2 - Emergenceingame

The original post didn’t think Slark would make the list, but according to statistics from last month, he is among the most reliable and successful carries of 7.29, at least at high ranks. With 11.5% popularity and 52% win rate, Slark outperforms Wraith King by one percent in success, while being nearly twice as popular as Riki. WK and Riki are two opponents who are closely following the Slark button in getting into this 7.29 carry list.

The author does not fully understand why Slark is so successful because the hero does not receive any major buffs. This is also not a hero that benefits from the meta like Faceless Void and Luna. Slark doesn’t have a deadly late game ultiamte weapon like the Void, or Luna’s lightning fast farming. Slark’s build has not changed at all, still the Diffusal Blade, S&Y, green stick and one more item depending on the situation, like Skadi, Abyssal or BKB.

The best explanation for this phenomenon is probably the offlane meta. Offlane is currently dominated by Dawnbreaker (23% popularity) and is the popular position 4, Centaur and Mars have 16.5% popularity and Ax is 13.5%. Among these names, Ax is probably the only enemy in the laning phase as well as throughout the game. This means Slark will have a pretty good start, then transition into the mid-game to end the game.

There may be several other factors that have made Slark so successful. So do you agree with this list of the top 7.29 strongest carries? Do not hesitate to share your thoughts in the comments section at the end of the article.

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