Dota 2: Dazzle Support is back in meta 7.29?

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Although the 7.29 meta is still unclear, Dazzle Support is becoming more and more popular in Dota 2. This is one of the heroes that benefited the most from this 7.29 update. The article will analyze what changes helped Dazzle return to support and how to maximize the power of the hero.

From core to support, then back to core and now support

Although Dazzle can still play as a core, while some other players prefer to play in position 2 or 3, today’s article will only focus on the support role. In the previous two updates, the hero lost the “free hit” green stick and the Shard. This change has limited the amount of DPS the hero deals. And yet, Dazzle also lost the Necronomicon, causing his farm speed to be significantly reduced. Meanwhile, the hero’s support skill set has been greatly improved. Specifically, now Dazzle also owns a disable.

Reducing the cooldown and increasing the cast range for Shallow Grave gives Dazzle and his teammates a huge advantage. It’s worth it for us to raise a valuable point for this skill early in the game. This change makes Dazzle more efficient, not seen as a fake version of Oracle. With Bad Juju and Shallow Grave at level 1, Dazzle can now cast Shallow Grave every 27 seconds or twice during extended combat.

And yet, Dazzle also has a disable for himself. Since time immemorial, Poison Touch has been a single-target ability that not only slows but stuns as well. It is not a strong stun, as it takes a long time to activate and can only be applied to one enemy. But it’s better than no control at all.

Now, Dazzle has disabled again, although it costs 1400 gold and cannot be purchased before the 20th minute. This move can disable multiple enemies with a potential cooldown of just 9 seconds. The new Shard is a great fit for Dazzle’s skill set as it overcomes the hero’s biggest weakness.

In the end, Shallow Grave is pretty good even if you only raise 1 point to the skill, so we can prioritize Poison Touch. Poison Touch can deal massive amounts of damage during prolonged combat.

dazzle - Emergenceingame
Core or Support?

Get on the right map

A few weeks ago, we talked about the ability to play support Luna and one of the reasons given is due to the talent that increases the cast range. Luna 7.29 no longer has that talent and this change could end Luna’s support career. Meanwhile, Dazzle still has the cooldown reduction talent, which means the hero can use more Glimmer Cape, Force Staff, Medallion as well as activate Guardian Greaves more.

There are a lot of build options for Dazzle, but knowing which is the best item to build can sometimes be quite a headache. In general, Force Staff is better against core melees, while Glimmer is generally more effective against casters and range carry.

If the enemy team has a lot of heroes that deal AoE burst damage, consider upgrading to Mekansm early. Sometimes Pipe is worth it, but the Mekansm for Dazzle is usually better so you can move on to Guardian Greaves later.

At the end of the game, if you do your role well, you will most likely be the target of the opponent’s attention in the teamfight. In this case, Aeon Disk could be Dazzle’s next worthy item.

Finally, we have two items to discuss. One is the Hand of Midas – this is an item that shouldn’t be picked up by support Dazzle in 99% of the games. Perhaps, you can buy in super late lineup or if you somehow get first blood and completely snowball your opponent. In both cases mentioned above, Midas is still an item “please consider carefully before going”.

The second item is the Aether Lens. It is suitable for heroes and completely complements Dazzle. It’s not necessarily the best item to buy as Shallow Grave can now cast well at level 1 without needing cast range or Aether Lens talents. Glimmer Cap or Force Staff are also very important in some games. Neutral items like Keen Optic also give Dazzle an advantage that increases the cast range.

Whatever you do, remember to save 1400 gold for Aghanim’s Shard at 20 minutes. As mentioned above, Shard for Dazzle is a very important item. It is a must-have item for a support that doesn’t have an initial disable.

Dota 2 Support nên trải nghiệm trong 7.18 Dazzle - Emergenceingame

Increase Skill and Talent

An important point when playing Dazzle is to keep a skill point (skill point) at the beginning of the game. You just quickly use them or level up skills in combat. The reason is that: while Shallow Grave is Dazzle’s signature spell, it is quite passive because we have to wait until an extremely dangerous ally to use it (or you can waste it). Therefore, a good Dazzle player can retain a Skill point to prioritize which moves in an emergency

Dazzle should be the hero who plays harassing in lane. If your opponent can farm comfortably in lane Dazzle is present, you are probably playing incorrectly. After the last patch update 7.29, support Dazzle can max Poison Touch first. This move deals huge amount of damage in teamfight and is very annoying when facing in lane. Please spam Poison Touch and remember to upgrade it with Shard.

Your second priority move is Shadow Wave. Heal for many people, although the value is not high, but quite beneficial in prolonged combat. This is also a way to increase the effectiveness of Badd Juju’s armor reduction. Sometimes, especially playing with heroes like Lycan or Nature’s Prophet, you can do a lot of damage/heal. However, this does not mean that we have the right to ignore Shallow Grave.

In general, the article recommends that when you reach level 4, you should have a 2-0-1 build skill and a point, depending on the situation, can increase a level for Wave to damage the enemy. Or Shallow Grave to save teammates.

scepter dazzle 2 - Emergenceingame
Shadow Wave 5 characters means the opponent knows Shadow Wave has been raised to level 2

Also, always remember that your opponent won’t know what skills you have until you actually use them. They might think Dazzle has Shallow Grave and decide not to fight, while still keeping d1 unlifted. As long as the opponent doesn’t realize that Dazzle is Shadow Wave 5 objects: creep wave and teammates in lane (synonymous Shadow Wave level 2). Maybe at low rank, the enemy will not pay much attention, but at higher rank, they are very sharp eyes and will exploit this information well.

So what do you think about Dazzle Support? Do you prefer playing the hero in the core position, or do you prefer the traditional position 5? Please share in the comments section below!

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