Dota 2: New featured heroes at DreamLeague Minor

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New DPC season of Dota 2 went great. The two major tournaments both have good wake-ups and intense matches… but familiar heroic faces keep popping up. However, like ESL One Hamburg, we also have a few new names worth discussing.

While Ax is hugely popular in the current meta and is versatile enough to play as both a support and a core, Magnus is the hero that unexpectedly pops up on the current roster. Ultimate has a long but effective cooldown. However, his poor laning ability made Magnus not get much attention.

Used by many teams, this hero shows that his ultimate penetrates BKB, stuns the whole party, is not something that increases Magnus’s value. Skewer is the move to attract the most attention.

If you think about it: repositioning opponents is very important in the professional arena and obviously Skewer is not very reliable, but falling into the hands of a player who knows how to play and when to use it, can create clear difference. When compared to Batrider and Pudge – two heroes that change the position of the opponent, Magnus has a distinct advantage thanks to the ability to drag many objects.

In addition, Magnus can help team carry and many carry melee farm faster. We’ve seen this hero pair up with Faceless Void – a hero who has difficulty farming – and Terrorblade – with a massive increase in farm speed – thanks to Magnus’ Empower.

Undying is not new, but the hero was very successful in the tournament with a 78% win rate. Although only appearing in 9 games, this shows that Undying can win in the high-end arena.

This hero often pairs with active offlaners, extremely annoying to the other carry. This plan worked for the most part, allowing Undying along with the team to take the lead in the mid-game.

Although this hero lags late in the game and becomes weak if he can’t bully the opponent, Undying is still worth the bet. In pubs, as the match drags on and the player has more chances to recover, Undying will probably be weaker, but still playable.

8 appearances and over 60% win rate – this is a great result for a long forgotten hero. Dazzle lost a lot in the early stages of the “laning meta”, but it seems that players are starting to realize the potential of this hero: not only helping teammates to stay long, but also being able to play proactively, trade. very good hit in lane.

Obviously, you don’t want Dazzle to appear in lane with a buffalo opponent, but the ability to punish weak lanes has been neglected for too long. With a meta that sometimes pushes teams to pick more greedy cores, Dazzle is not only a good fit for Huskar, but also a good support for Drow lineups or other heavy carry.

It’s hard to recommend playing this hero in pubs, unless you’re already familiar with Dazzle. Dazzle is hard to reach its full potential, uses Poison Touch smartly, properly aligns Shallow Grave on allies and increases maximum damage and heals with Shadow Wave. With that said, a buff or two as well as a few meta changes can revive Dazzle, as long as Oracle is not buffed too much.


The Kuala Lumpur Major will be kicking off soon and Valve has announced the 7.20 launch date right after the Major ends. We are confident that this Major will surprise a lot of people, but how many surprises everyone will have to wait for.

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