The Dota 2 community is up again because of Drama, Perfect World condemns discrimination against Chinese gamers

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The story began to unfold when two pro players used the word “chingchong”…

Community Dota 2 China and a number of professional teams are uniting to fight racism. Their actions were in response to discriminatory remarks from the Chinese people from two players.

The Chinese Dota 2 community is working together to carry out the #RESPECT campaign in the hope of eradicating discriminatory thinking against the world’s most populous country.

Specifically, when meeting Royal Never Give Up within the framework of DreamLeague Season 10 on November 1st, Rolen Andrei Gabriel “Skemberlu“CompLexity Gaming’s Bee wrote,”GI chingchong” on the chat board all.

“Chingchong” is a sensitive word meant to ridicule the Chinese people. For comparison’s sake, “chingchong” has almost the same meaning as the English “N” used by racists.

Of course, Skemberlu faced a backlash from the community Dota 2 and has been sanctioned by compLexity for clearly discriminatory conduct. Although Skemberlu publicly apologized on social media, gamers Dota 2 China expects a heavier punishment than that for the Filipino player from both DreamHack BTC and Valve.

compLexity and Skemberlu apologize on their Twitter accounts

After this incident, Carlo”Kuku” Palad of TNC Predator, also said exactly what Skemberlu was, but in a pub game. Both TNC and Kuku have publicly apologized on various social media channels.

For those unaware, the organization released a notice on Weibo regarding Kuku and his behavior during a public match., extract TNC’s post on Facebook fanpage a few minutes ago. “Our organization neither tolerates nor tolerates Kuku’s behavior and has punished him as harshly as possible. We sincerely apologize and our organization will continue to educate our players to ensure that this incident does not happen again.

On Kuku’s side, the player set up a Weibo account and explained that one of the players Dota 2 on the enemy team named Ching Chong so he said this word “without purpose“.

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Earlier this week, “chingchong” suddenly became a meme and gained popularity Dota 2widely used to name the second Major of the DPC 2018-2019. The reason is because it has a pronunciation close to The Chongqing Majorthe name has been approved by Valve, the Major will be held in China from January 19-27 next year.

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“Chingchong” was the most used phrase in the Dota 2 community during the early days of November 2018.

While Valve remained silent before the “storm” of public opinion, Perfect World, the publisher Dota 2 in China, issued a related notice on Weibo.

Perfect World”strongly condemn this act” and confirmed, from now on will remove all players and teams with similar behavior in tournaments Dota 2 that they organize.

Perfect World stands by all players and we are determined to uphold the dignity of our nation,” the company swore.

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Team Aster, ViCi Gaming and PSG-LGD Gaming have all responded to the decision from Perfect World. All three organizations have posted on social media sites to comment on what happened at DreamLeague Season 10.- Emergenceingame

The eSports spirit goes beyond nationality but racism is an issue that shouldn’t be ignored”, wrote PSG-LGD. “In any case, anti-China statements should not appear in professional circles. We really hope Valve can attend and take appropriate action regarding the recent issue of racism. No matter where or when it occurs, national dignity is always at the core of us.”

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ViCi Gaming strongly condemns actions like this, excerpt of ViCi’s post on Twitter account. “We hope Valve will step in and maintain a healthy competitive environment domestically and internationally.

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As for Team Aster, they “very disappointed with the way things ended and Valve’s indifferent attitude.

Respect is a bare minimum. Accordingly, Team Aster commits that, if there are any discriminatory statements from our players and staff, they will be severely and publicly punished. And we welcome everyone’s scrutiny. In the upcoming tournaments, we will follow UEFA’s #RESPECT campaign and add the RESPECT suffix to the player IDs until pro players around the world focus on this and nothing like it. happen again“, ViCi expressed his attitude.

Paul”Redeye“Chaloner, a voice in the community Dota 2 Westerners, shared their personal views on the drama “chingchong” and urged people to control their behavior.

Don’t use racism against racism, it won’t solve anything,” Redeye tweeted. “PR and media training for pro players is essential.

According to Vpesport

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