Hearthstone: Discussing Blizzard’s Adventures and Direction

Hearthstone Rastakhan's Rumble

Like previous expansions, Hearthstone will have a solo Rumble Run in Rastakhan’s Rumble! Here’s what we know about this mode as well as interesting information about previous solos:

  • Rumble Run will launch on December 13, 9 days after the expansion arrives.
  • Shrines – Passive! They will appear on the table to give you special effects. Shrine can be destroyed but will respawn after 3 turns.
  • As with the recently added solos in Hearthstone, consecutive wins will add new cards to the current deck along the way.
  • You will fight 8 opponents – from the remaining teams of other classes. Each team will have 3 different shrines, and 3 champions so each journey is different.
  • Rikkar will be your champion. Rikkar will evolve after each journey. This hero will not belong to any class at first, but after that, you will choose the class for the hero.
  • You will receive “Prize Fighters” for each completion.
  • You will be playing champions in the Tavern Brawls.

Old Adventures

  • The old way of playing solo, adventure, doesn’t work because the player may not have enough cards for the meta.
  • Adventure needs to be easy so everyone can unlock the cards
  • Low replay value in adventure is a problem that plagues Blizzard

Frozen Throne – “Seamless Matches”

  • Knights of the Frozen Throne is the first expansion to feature class-based quests. Blizzard uses the old formula, “Seamless Matches”, because it works.
  • The match against the Lich King is intended to trap you in Frostmourne with a recoil effect to indicate the player wants to break the ice cover.
  • There are many Easter Eggs in Frozen Throne adventure that are not found by many people.
  • An Easter Egg is not much mentioned when fighting The Lich King with the Paladin class, turning you into the Uther of the Ebon Blade and using your Hero Power. When 3 of the 4 Horsemen are present, The Lich King says he will be embarrassed if the player collects them all.
  • Making the adventure more difficult by not awarding the extra hand gives positive concurrence. Blizzard realizes that players enjoy challenges and get lots of participation.

Kobolds/ Witchwood – “Build as You Go” – “Going somewhere or going there”

  • One of the important points of this part is to help it be played over and over again.
  • Avoiding copy decks becomes an important goal in this part of the game. Because many previous players defeated the Lich King thanks to the copy deck feature.
  • Increasing difficulty than before is the ultimate goal of the team.
  • The initial beta for Dungeon Run sees you in control of the Mage, and the whole journey is a very long game.
  • When the boss dies, the whole table will be reset and you choose new cards in the discover section, then the new boss will start.
  • A funny bug in the beta makes Arcane Giant playable with only 0 mana for turn 1 – Hearthstone forgot to reset the number of spells between bosses.
  • Thanks to that bug, the ‘special treasure’ cards received continue to get stronger along the way.
  • Initially, Blizzard planned that each journey would have 12 bosses, not the current 8. The team realized that the number of cards in the decks was too large and the boss had a lot of health, losing the appeal of the game.
  • Before that, in addition to the loot received, you could choose your next boss. This does not create a good experience because if you do not know what skills each boss has and where your deck is weaker.
  • The team tested Tower Defense a lot with Witch Wood. This is the system that Blizzard has always wanted to include in the game.
  • Darius Crowley becomes the first Tower Denfense in Hearthstone and the first hero added to Monster Hunt.
  • The final boss in the initial Witchwood trial was Jaraxxus.
  • Tess Greymane originally had hero power that contained bags of weapons. Each time you use it, you will have one weapon in your pocket:
    • Handgonne – 1 Mana 4/2
    • Stake Thrower – 1 1/8 Mana with Windfury
    • Blunderbuss – 1 Mana 2/2 “Also damages the minions next to whomever your hero attacks” (deals damage to the minion next to the minion your hero attacks)
  • The weapons in Tess’s bag will run out (only 3 of them) and then her hero power will be the same as the ones we have right now. Scavenge.

- Emergenceingame

  • Magic Mirror allows players to “break dungeons”.

- Emergenceingame

Boomsday – “Puzzle”

  • Blizzard has always wanted to add Puzzles to Hearthstone.
  • The team believes they should add something else to the solo since the previous two were both “Build As You Go”.
  • Boomsday is basically perfect for that sentence thanks to its setting
  • Puzzles first appeared in Tavern Brawl 2 years ago. They are just that Lethal-only Sentence (win by finishing the opponent in 1 turn).
  • The replay feature helps a lot in Puzzle Lab.
  • The first thing the team wanted to do was the Tower Defense puzzle.
  • Netherspirte lasers were initially used to create puzzles: required to reflect rays back and forth between minions and point them at portals.
  • Since it is not possible to give new turns, Blizzard decided to give you more mana to cheat in this multi-turn system.
  • The Mirror plans to initially show the player the table that has been arranged and then ask the player to recreate it. It’s very difficult to remember those sentences more difficult, although you can watch the game again whenever you want
  • Sometimes, there are many people on the development team when solving a new puzzle together.
  • Due to certain changes, one of the puzzles, which could not be solved, was given to Blizzard’s new employee Chakki, asking him to solve it. :))
  • Puzzles have no replay value, but are highly interactive. Blizzard will probably bring back Puzzles in the future.

According to hearthpwn

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