Dota 2: Maximize Brewmaster’s Strength with Micro

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Heroes that require high skill usually don’t have much success in pubs. However, Brewmaster is an exception.

Heroes that require a lot of control are often not taken advantage of by ordinary Dota gamers. Chen, Enchantress, Naga Siren and Lone Druid have always had the lowest win rate, even when these heroes are considered strong. These heroes require a high level of skill, compared to “pressing R to finish” like other heroes in pubs. Brewmaster on the contrary, avoids the curse of heroes that require high microphone ability, with a win rate of over 50% at all skill tiers.


We’ve seen pro teams that pick this hero play flexibly in the core or support position, compared to the traditional offlane position. Chief compLexity Gaming and Team Secret tested Axe as Brewmaster in position 5. compLexity also pull Puck from ‘past’ and give Zfreek, the team’s support player. Changing from core to support positions, these heroes attract the attention of the enemy to plan a countermeasure against them. So how many resources should the team spend to stop that support hero?

These are heroes that can transform well in the later stages of the game, so limiting their farming is one way. But those strengths help them live well in the support role. Puck has good arm animation, high base damage, and a maneuverable skill to play in offlane or support. This is similar to Brewmaster. Has good base stats and slow enough AoE against enemy support heroes. Brewmaster is now a flexible pick in the draft, forcing the opponent to guess which lane the hero will go. Team Secret brought Brewmaster position 5, and enjoyed great success at ESL Hamburg.

Brewmaster Dota 2
Puppey’s build when facing VP at ESL Hamburg, without Blink’s presence

support Brewmaster does not have the same influence and ability to initiate combat as the core position. This hero doesn’t have Blink and BKB to optimize Thunder Clap and Brawler damage. Instead, support Brew make full use of my ultimate, and this is considered the main reason Brew appear first during the draft.


- EmergenceingameThe simplest is to concentrate all of the Primal Split’s troops on one hero, but there are a few things players can do to make more impact. Hurl Boulder is a must-have for every player Brew. This is an ability to stun an object with a low cooldown, and then assist teammates in killing other heroes. Also, you need to focus on controlling the main summon if you want to survive the end of the Primal Split.

- EmergenceingameBut the greatest influence of Brewmaster lies in the ability to control combat, and this is the strength of Storm summon. Cyclone, with a duration of 6 seconds and a cooldown of 8 seconds, completely disables the enemy carry in battle. AoE dispel deals 1000 damage to balls with a cooldown of 4 seconds, making it a great counter to the two top carries right now: Phantom Lancer and Terrorblade. With the rare amount of dispel in the game, Dispel Magic Brew’s is quite underrated when used to remove defensive/attack buffs. In this meta, it erases Ogre’s Bloodlust, Necrophos’ Ghost Shroud, Ursa’s Fury Swipes, and Phoenix’s Fire Spirits attack speed debuff.


Because stat items are not eligible for summons of Brewmaster To take advantage, the player must rely on armor and auras like Shiva’s Guard or Vlads to help summons survive in the late game – a period where the carries have enough physical damage to wipe out three bears in no time. enable BKB. Talents have reduced dependency on items, and support heroes are one of the biggest beneficiaries of this change.

Brew’s level 20 talent: +1500 Health for Primal Split summons, which will make his ultimate last longer, and his last talent (level 25), – 65 second cooldown for Primal Split, bringing his ultimate cooldown to 15 seconds wait. Even without the key items, Brewmaster can influence the mid to late game, push turrets and control the game without much fear.

This may change completely in patch 7.20, patch will redo the meta. But Brewmaster there are qualities required in Dota – laning, teamfight and turret push – that will keep this hero alive for consecutive patches.

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