Dota 2: wins the Major again

Kuala Lumpur Major Finals Between and Secret

A dramatic finale at the Kuala Lumpur Major. The Major Kings,, are the team that won the championship after knocking out Secret.

The final of the Kuala Lumpur Major saw two of the world’s top teams claim their first Major championship of the 2018-2019 season. While is known as the King of Majors with a ton of titles in the last year, Secret is in extremely strong form, especially after his performance at ESL One Hamburg 2018. Series BO5 must Last up to 5 games to find the champion.

Game 1

The first game to see a great deal from MidOne with the hero Shadow Shaman. But VP was the team that took the lead, overwhelming the Secret squad in every move and not allowing Secret’s Shaman core to take control. After more than 30 minutes, VP punished Secret’s squad and gave the opponent no choice but to type GG.

Game 2

Secret entered game 2 and took control in the early game. YapzOr’s Weaver moves in all lanes and destroys the enemy before VP can stabilize the farm. Although VP has great teamfights, Secret is just too strong. Although it took nearly an hour, Secret equalized the series.

Game 3

Secret is off to a good start once again: they have the answers to every math problem offers. It didn’t take long for Secret to take a 2-1 lead.

Game 4

With a victory just one game away, Secret seemed to have won his first Major, but VP didn’t think so. Even Nisha’s Morphling couldn’t stop VP from controlling the map and we had to move on to game 5.

Game 5

The game that decided the champion Kuala Lumpur Major had a lot of nice teamfights. After nearly 20 minutes, YapzOr launched Echo Slam to pave the way for Secret.

But VP bounced back very quickly and found a loophole to win his mid-lane barrack just a few minutes later. Secret huddled in her house and the situation became increasingly tragic. With 42 minutes passed, got himself a mega creep, and won just after that.

The first 2018/2019 Dota 2 Pro Circuit Major came to an end with winning the championship, bringing in a prize pool of $350,000 and a total score of 4,950 DPC. Secret took second place with a prize money of $170,000 and 3,000 DPC points. The next Minor will take place in January 2019, but its qualifying has now begun.

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