Dota 2: Do you know when not to play Aghanim Scepter for Anti-Mage?

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Today, we learn about Anti-Mage’s Aghanim Scepter. Here is the description of Scepter:

“Causes Spell Shield to passively block and reflect a targeted spell once every 12 seconds”

“Creates a magic shield that automatically blocks and reflects the enemy’s spells on Anti-mage every 12 seconds.”

This item is effective in the vast majority of cases. But sometimes, it can be counterintuitive. Those are the times when you don’t want to go to Scepter, and it’s better to go to Linken’s Sphere. Let’s find out when not to go to Scepter.

1. Tusk’s Snowball will bounce back and the Anti-Mage will roll back to Tusk

Snowball works like this: Tusk will rush to AM and just before stun, AM will start rolling. Tusk can easily Blink and cause Anti-Mage’s Snowball to rush to the location. Instantly AM can Blink escape, but before Blink, AM needs to turn around to do so. And during that time, AM can be stun and held. Or worse, Snowball can cause AM to plunge straight into AoE silence, like Disruptor’s Static Storm.

2. Nether Swap Works Through Scepter

Vengeful Spirit’s Nether Swap acts on Anti-Mage like AM doesn’t on a green stick. That’s because this skill only swaps places, it doesn’t matter who casts it. It not only causes the Anti-Mage to be taken out of position, but also removes the spell block. “One arrow kills two birds!”

3. Nyx Assassin can stun Anti-Mage with Scepter with Spiked Carapace and Mana Burn.

Nyx’s Spiked Carapace stuns anyone who deals damage to Nyx while the ability is active. Nyx can activate SPiked Carapace and cast Mana Burn on Anti-Mage. Mana-Burn will reflect back to Nyx, dealing damage and AM stuns with Spiked Carapace! That’s 2.4 seconds stun. Nyx can further extend the stun duration with Impale, increasing the total stun duration by more than 5 seconds. This is the most annoying counter attack with Anti-Mage Scepter.

4. Legion Commander’s Duel Through Scepter

Legion Commander duel carry with Blade Mail usually guarantees kills in all cases. When an Anti-Mage with a Scepter is duel by the LC, it blocks the Duel and casts it back on the LC. So Duel still happens, the difference is that if AM duel with Scepter, this hero will gain additional magic resistance. But this shouldn’t be a problem for LC, as all of her damage is physical and the bounce damage from Blade Mail also goes through magic immunity with physical damage. Linken’s Sphere is the optimal choice when facing LC.

5. Terrorblade’s Sunder works as usual even though Anti-Mage has Scepter

Sunder, similar to Nether Swap, is swapping blood and it doesn’t care who casts it. We will see Anti-Mage cast Sunder and get it back with less health! Linken’s Sphere works better, but the best way is to have a support cast Lotus Orb to counter Sunder.

6. Bloodseeker can destroy Scepter’s passive with Bloodrage and cast Rupture

Originally, the Scepter could be seen as a good anti-Mage item against Bloodseeker. But not really. A good Bloodseeker can cast Bloodrage on AM, and it will bounce back, as if BS cast Bloodrage on himself (and that’s what BS wanted) and then cast Rupture on, which is considered an air attack. shared with AM. The best way is to read the opponent’s draft and pick the final AM.

Also, Anti-Mage’s level 15 talent, +400 Blink range can counter Bloodseeker. With this talent, the Blink distance increases to 1550 units. As long as the target is moved by Rupture more than 1300 units within 0.25 seconds, Rupture cannot deal damage. People should take note of this to avoid blood loss.

In case of Spiritbreaker, Charge will reverse and Anti-Mage will start recharging SB, but AM can be stopped by clicking anywhere on the map.

With Rubick, Spell Steal affects the Scepter similar to Linken’s Sphere. Stealing will be blocked, but Anti-Mage can’t cast Spell Steal on Rubick!

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