Panorama interface officially leaves beta, Horizon box appears

HorizonCase - Emergenceingame

Valve has just released a new Horizon case for CS: GO, with the Panorama interface (UI) officially leaving beta and launching a new gun chest.

Previously, the Panorama interface was announced on June 19 and was “the most obvious change for CS: GO since the game’s launch”. Now, Valve says it’s fully supported on all operating systems.

The new chest, called Horizon, includes 17 new weapons and 4 new knives.

Giao diện Panorama chính thức rời beta hòm Horizon xuất hiện - Emergenceingame case20 knives grid - Emergenceingame

Other key changes in this update include a new bomb sound when the bomb is placed on B side, a rare inspect movement for Desert Eagle, and some tweaks to molotov and incendiary grenades, which now “will deal impact damage when hit people, equivalent to other grenades”.

You can read the full update as follows:


  • Panorama UI is now set to default for players on all operating systems.
  • For a short time, players can use the old compatibility mode with the -scaleform command in the launch option.


  • Placed C4 bombs now sound different when placed on bombsite B.
  • Molotov and incendiary grenades now deal impact damage when hit


  • Players using the CS:GO Perfect World launcher will now have fully localized game voiceovers
  • Community Servers now allow players to connect from CS:GO Perfect World’s launcher to other launchers.


  • Added Horizon chest, tip includes 17 new weapons and 4 new knife styles.


  • Fixed music between half and team selection so it wouldn’t affect the music in the main menu
  • Lobby voice chat now lowers main menu music during voice chat
  • Fixed borrowing music kit bug and added a button to stop borrowing music kit
  • Fixed an issue that caused old invites to be sent back when returning to the lobby from competitive matches.
  • In the game with many friends will show the score in the competitive match first
  • Added chat messages for players with competitive cooldown, report and commendation.
  • Fixed a lot of IME support and font rendering for IMEs.
  • Updated chat lobby to show more messages
  • Fixed chat lobby interface for 4×3 and 5×4 . aspect ratio
  • Fixed the error of displaying the wrong rank at the end of the match at rank 40+
  • Fixed reconnect interface for 4×3 and 5×4 display.
  • Fix scoreboard display in War Game mode.
  • Improved graphics for followers in scoreboard
  • Fixed an issue where the follower round time was red.
  • Fixed a bug where the icons were lost.
  • Fix radar and map display for workshop maps that don’t have files with radar data.
  • Fixed workshop map selection screen in Wingman mode
  • Physical kills from molotovs and incendiary grenades now display properly on the kill icon.
  • Fixed many bugs on the new radar


  • Add fallback parameters for water display on Overpass to fix choppy response data.
  • Added rare inspect movement to Desert Eagle
  • Small security and stability fixes

According to HLTV

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