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Doinb won his first domestic title with a 3-1 victory over Royal Never Give Up in the summer, and has spread his name around the world.

To the world stage, FPX seemed to struggle in the group stage, almost losing their first seed to third seed LEC Splyce. However, they regained their form when they defeated Fnatic 3-1 in the quarterfinals, and then were the defending champions. champion Invictus Gaming tournament with the score again 3-1.

And now, even though he is preparing for the biggest test of Tournaments In the final hurdle, nothing seems to be able to dampen Doinb’s spirit and his excitement.


It doesn’t seem like he’s too worried about this matchup, just like upcoming rivals G2 and their notorious roster filled with pranksters, and even admitted one of the main reasons why he wanted to face the LEC champion because of a chat with Fabian Lohmann (Grabbz) backstage before the quarterfinals.

Doinb revealed after the team won the elimination playoff at Palacio Vistalegre: “I am looking forward to meeting G2. I want to face G2 because I spoke to the G2 coach and told him we will meet in Paris.”

He also added that he’s been excited to play with Caps ever since he saw the G2 star against Invictus Gaming in the game. final Worlds 2018 last year, where Fnatic suffered a 3-0 defeat, and the LPL ended up winning its first world championship.


“I think Caps has a similar playing style to me”he said and joked that his “ocean champion” would win the day they met on the day 10/11, “There are still over 100 champions that I haven’t shown you yet.”

That’s not to say the LPL champ won’t be in for a blockbuster clash in Sunday. In the midst of his jokes, Doinb still knows the weight of the “World of China” campaign is weighing heavily on his and his teammates’ shoulders.

Even he still has some doubts about his own skills, even during repeated failures in the LPL.

“I never stepped forward World Prize before this year and I always doubted whether it was my own incompetence. However, with this win, it proves that I am capable of going that far.”

“We were very worried. We have never played Bo1s. I think our team was a lot stronger in Bo5s and when it came to groups I was unlucky and I don’t think I did well in the two championship groups I played.”


Doinb and his FPX squad also have a special goal they can hit at AccorHotels Arena this weekend. G2 is on the hunt for their first major title at League of Legendsafter winning both domestic and MSI titles earlier this year.

And true to his carefree personality, Doinb Even knowing how much the final means for G2, and how many French and European fans will support their team, he still called on the crowd at the AccordHotels Arena to cheer on his team. .

I said: “Whether it’s our opponents or we lose, I can feel the passion from the fans, everyone cheering loudly.”

The final final match will start at 1:00 p.m. CET (around 7 p.m. local time) on November 10.​

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