BattleGround Royale – Super fun Mobile Game that combines PUBG with… Minecraft

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PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds is creating a fierce storm that wraps around the game village, causing many hearts to fall in the battle for survival. More than 2 million online gamers at the same time is indeed a record number that even Dota 2 or CSGO must covet. And because of that crazy success PUBG soon became an inspiration for countless rookies to follow.


BattleGround Royale It is one of them when letting gamers immerse themselves in the famous style of PUBG, but completely expressed in the square image of Minecraft. Just officially released on Mobile, BattleGround Royale will become a name that you cannot ignore if you are a fan of PUBG.


Just like PUBG, BattleGround Royale for gamers to parachute onto a large map without any weapons on them. After landing on the ground, players will begin to gather items and weapons on their journey to becoming the last survivor. The game owns more than 30 different types of weapons, allowing players to experiment and use them to defeat their enemies.


Not only that, BattleGround Royale also has a skin system, ensuring players can express themselves in any way they want. This is really an interesting feature because gamers will feel more engaged and invested in the game in a very personal way.


Presently BattleGround Royale is available on Mobile and ready for readers to download for free directly here:

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