Jurassic Survival – Survive before dinosaurs in the standard game Last Day on Earth

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Last Day on Earth is a super hot game on Mobile at the moment when it puts players in a post-apocalyptic context filled with undead zombies and applies an intensive but easy-to-get-to-get survival gameplay. Because of that successful momentum, many games have followed the footsteps of Last Day on Earth. Jurassic Survival – The new rookie who started playing on Mobile, is a prime example of that.


However, instead of throwing players into hordes of hungry Zombies, Jurassic Surival takes gamers into the Jurassic period where mighty dinosaurs live. Set foot on an ancient world, gamers will have to face countless new dangers, especially the giant-sized carnivorous dinosaurs.. Now available on Mobile, Jurassic Survival has ready for readers to download the game for free through the link at the end of the article.


Jurassic Surival owns all the features like Last Day on Earth, where players can craft furniture and build a roof for themselves. From basic tools like axes and picks to mine to armor or weapons to protect yourself.. the game has it all waiting for you to unlock. At the same time, players can also build their own private palace with a system of walls and watchtowers to resist the attacks of carnivorous dinosaurs.


Not only that, gamers can also team up with other survivors to face the dangers of dinosaurs and humans in this world. The picture with friends defending the base against giant creatures truly brings a unique experience nowhere else on Mobile. Jurassic Surival Now officially released on Mobile, ready for readers to enjoy by downloading the game for free directly here:


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