Disney acquired 20th Century Fox, will the X-Men join the Marvel cinematic universe?

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  1. So the big brands that make up the name of 20th Century Fox are likely to join the MCU at the same time.

    In recent years, the series X-Men do 20th Century Fox produced films that are loved by moviegoers, and also received a lot of praise from critics. So in early November, when the media reported Disney want to buy the corporation 20th Century Foxinclude 20th Century Fox Film Corporation and proceeded to negotiate this issue to everyone’s interest. However, after that, major news sites like CNBC, The Wall Street Journal… reported that the negotiations had been stopped. Until today, this news has once again spread, causing fans of 20th Century Fox be bewildered.


    By page Deadline said that the procurement negotiations have been started again and are progressing quite quickly. However, the two sides still kept it a secret, not revealing any information, causing people to constantly speculate about the official outcome of this negotiation. Editor Mike Fleming Jr. of the page Deadline said that, during the procurement negotiations between Disney and 20th Century Fox happen quickly, the sports and information department is still owned by the owner of 21th Century Fox To be News Corporation (run by Rupert Murdoch), while the TV and movie segments will be run by Walt Disney Pictures holding.


    In the near future, apart from X-Men: Dark Phoenix Soon to be released in 2018, there are many films that are in the process of broadcasting, production or have planned to start filming such as: Deadpool 2X-Men: The New Mutants, Gambit, X-23, X-Force, Legion, Brilliance… These are all projects that have received a lot of attention and love from the film-loving community. If you can confirm the Walt Disney Pictures acquired, which is releasing films by Marvelthen the thing that fans are most interested in is the group X-Men and Fantastic 4 will also enter the cinematic universe Marvel?



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