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When we talk about Japan, we talk about extremely artistic virtual entertainment products that bring gamers scenes that are not picky with effects but go deep into their own personality and style. Those games go deep into gamers’ minds with soft drawings, bright images and colors.. reminding us of the game until many years later.


Caravan Stories can be considered as such a game.. a special product from Japan that has just set foot on Mobile. Bringing a whole new perspective and extremely artistic graphic style, Caravan Stories is truly a gift that the land of Cherry Blossoms put into the hands of the community. Therefore, from now on, readers can enjoy the victory to the end of the article and download Caravan Stories for free.


Caravan Stories takes gamers to a whole new space by allowing gamers to roam freely across the map by pressing and releasing directly on the terrain. There you can freely rotate the game’s camera and see the colorful world around. Of course, like Final Fantasy, throughout the journey you will encounter heteromorphic monsters and right now the game will switch to a more intuitive combat mode.


Here Caravan Stories works like a game RPG turn-based with the player controlling a separate team and the ability to control different skill sets. Mastery in the ability to select targets or deploy skills at the right time will greatly contribute to deciding victory or defeat against the enemy. Along with a basic gameplay, Caravan Stories also impresses with a very personal graphic style. In the cutscenes, dialogue or outside of combat, the characters all exude a life of their own.. as if letting the player admire an Anime movie.


Presently Caravan Stories is available on Android ready for readers to enjoy by download games for free directly here:

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