Just opened, the owner of the Net shop was thrown “mines” into the house by a bad opponent

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In the midst of difficult economic times like the present, and the market as a battlefield, competition is understandable in any business. And the net profession is no exception, when at the present time, the common ground that this business field is losing many advantages. While the number of restaurants is growing more and more, keeping customers is an extremely difficult problem. That forces them to think of all sorts of strange business tricks, huge promotions, even devaluation of the market.

However, besides competing in a healthy and fair way, many people are willing to find different tricks to play bad games against their opponents. It is worth mentioning that many of them are acts with serious consequences, violating the law.

As recently, on a forum for people net business have a post to share, a net shop owner in the area near the Agricultural Academy, which had just opened the shop the day before, the next day, a neighbor gave a bowl of “dirty mine” water into the house. Which, according to a friend of the owner of this restaurant, said it was luyn oil and feces.

Fortunately, the camera captured the entire behavior.​

Owner’s Friend net shop said that the guy had just come from his hometown “wet feet and feet dry” to Hanoi to set up a business, where he was played badly. “Poor my friend, ran up and down to borrow some money, but the neighbors were already hospitable. It’s a long story to tell, I already know who it is, but I’m asking the landlord to solve it, I just came to Hanoi to know who caused the problem.”

Many other colleagues expressed sympathy and discontent on behalf of the owner of this dirty net shop and advised to report it to the police because there was a camera recorded as evidence.​


Indeed, this is a very unfair competition trick, even breaking the law. Specifically, according to Point a, Clause 2, Article 7 of Decree 167/2013/ND-CP of the Government, “A fine of between VND 1,000,000 and 2,000,000 shall be imposed for one of the following acts: Dumping or throwing substances waste, dirt or other substances that contaminate the houses, offices, workplaces, production and business places of others”.

If this action causes property damage of 2 million VND or more, the violator may also be criminally prosecuted for the crime of Destruction or intentional damage to property under Article 143 of the 1999 Penal Code. amended and supplemented in 2009. In addition, if accompanied by other acts such as appropriating property, stealing hidden assets, they will be criminally handled, with a penalty of 1 – 20 years in prison.

Net business households should understand the provisions of the Law above to avoid as well as know how to protect their own interests in cases like these.​

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