Save Tinh Ho Diep Sword – Super role-playing product from NetEase

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Save Star Ho Diep Sword Mobile is a mobile action role-playing game with beautiful 3D graphics. It can be said that this is a game with the colors of the famous Dark Soul game, the development team said that Luu Tinh Ho Diep Sword will be a revolution of today’s role-playing games.


Luu Tinh Ho Diep Kiem has been very successful with the PC version and that is the motivation for the big man NetEase to bring this game to mobile to get closer to players. With the mobile version this time, NetEase’s house did not disappoint players because thanks to the application of 3D graphics, the look of the game is quite sharp. The difference that can be seen in Luu Tinh Ho Diep Kiem compared to other games is that the game is not too colorful and gives players a more real feeling.


Regarding the gameplay system, the game still has the style of a traditional role-playing game, it is still the way to perform the task, besides there are PvP and PvE battles, extremely attractive Boss fights, special points in the games. Luu Tinh Ho Diep Kiem’s ​​PVP battle is the freedom to fight, not turn-based like many other role-playing games and perhaps this will surely make many gamers satisfied. In addition, other social systems such as Master, Marriage and chat channels are also very rich. Coming to the world of Luu Tinh Ho Diep Sword, you will experience a whole new world of role-playing games

Just opened for testing in China, but the game has received a lot of compliments, not only that, NetEase also launched a game controller product, connected to the phone to have the most refreshing martial arts displays. when playing Save Tinh Ho Diep Sword.


The game is currently open for limited testing on the iOS platform and perhaps players have to wait a little longer to be able to officially experience this game. All the latest information will be continuously updated by Emergenceingame.Com.


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