Get up to 3,000,000 when joining Appota Wallet to win gifts

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Last September, the event “Set up a gift procession” of Appota Wallet has received the attention of many users. Through the follow-up on the fanpage of this application, besides the main prize with extremely large value, players also receive many prizes from the minigame “Wheel of Fortune”. With the excitement of the Appota Wallet community, the organizers continue to bring the event “Set up a gift shop” this October. From October 5 to October 31, players only need to use their referral code. , call new users to enter the code to have an immediate opportunity to receive 200,000 VND per week and 3,000,000 VND when summarizing the event.


With just a few simple steps, while waiting for your lover, in the middle of a game, during your lunch break or waiting for an ad to watch a movie, you can send your referral code to your family, relatives and thousands of friends. raft. In less than 10 seconds, the opportunity to receive prizes from Appota Wallet is right at hand. Not only that, “collecting” many lucky spins through “Referral Code” also helps you increase your bonus with valuable prizes every day from the “Lucky Spins” feature in Appota Wallet


It can be seen that, with extremely valuable prizes, “Gift-winning association” promises to continue to “storm” this October. What are you waiting for, hurry up guys! 3,000,000 already donated to the wallet, hurry up and get it.

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