Devil May Cry reveals the new version through a series of hot information

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Speaking of lines hack and slash game With crazy fire, we can’t help but mention the super product Devil May Cry. Possessing the best combat phase in the virtual world and the screaming Metal music in the ears, Devil May Cry has “opened” many angry demons in the hearts of fans. However, the last time we saw “the devil’s cry” was 4 years ago, making many people wonder where Devil May Cry is going now?

But through so many years and countless changes in the game industry, Devil May Cry fans are still waiting for the day. Dante and the sword Rebellion returns. Now, that glimmer of hope has paid off when a series of hot information about the next version of Devil May Cry was leaked on the Internet.


Posted by a member named “Son of Sparda” on the Resetera forum, this new version seems to be titled Devil May Cry DRAW (or Devil May Cry 5DMC5) and became the 5th official version of the series, excluding the spin-off of course DmC: Devil May Cry. In fact, Son of Sparda had in his hands documents related to the general plan of Devil May Cry V a long time ago but has only now officially revealed it.


According to this member, Devil May Cry V was supposed to be revealed at the event PSX this year but due Sony decided to downsize so the announcement of the game was pushed to the event E3 2018. The game is expected to release in fiscal year 2019, which is around April 2018 until March 2019. The original plan was to launch Devil May Cry V in November of next year but things could still change. than expected.


Son of Sparda also revealed that the game has been in development for 2 years up to now, and when the game is officially released, that time can be up to more than 3 years. Therefore, this may be the longest development period in the history of the series, promising Devil May Cry V will have an unprecedented scale.

Regarding the plot context, Devil May Cry DRAW will welcome the return of Dante, Nero and even Vergil in battle with a force called “Prince of Darkness”. For fans, Prince of Darkness is the title for Mundus, but it is impossible to confirm the exact villain at this time. The game’s timeline will follow the events of Devil May Cry 4 and has nothing to do with DmC. The image of Dante is also deepened into the inner part, showing that he is not just an arrogant and strong person as seen. This also seems to be the final chapter for the Demon Lord’s son’s journey. Along with that, Devil May Cry V will apply a freer and more responsive combat system, allowing gamers to fight a large number of enemies and counterattack as effectively as possible. The game can be launched on the Playstation 4 first and then on the PC platform. Devil May Cry V will be powered by Unreal Engine 4 – one of the most powerful engines available today.


As soon as we know more information about Devil May Cry V, Emergenceingame.Com will update readers as soon as possible.​

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