Female gamer Auditon was “stoned” in “Want to date” and opened facebook to thank her supporters

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As Emergenceingame.Com reported, at the show You want to date? No. 521 aired on the evening of August 19, Thuy Duong (31 years old, HCMC) received mixed opinions when she shared her views on wanting her boyfriend to sponsor a trip to Europe after the wedding.

Sharing about herself, Thuy Duong said that she is a cheerful and sociable person. Thuy Duong also shared that she had experienced a love affair 10 years ago. Talking about her shortcomings, she said that she is a very hot-tempered person. As a woman, Thuy Duong does not like to cook, especially is very gluttonous and eats a lot. In addition, her personality is often wet, whimsical and childish. Talking about the ideal boyfriend, Thuy Duong shared that she wants someone who cares, takes care of others, is not patriarchal and gallant.


Go to the live chat with friends – Le Van Nam (35 years old) is currently a business manager and has worked abroad for more than 10 years, Thuy Duong has continuously brought up related stories. to money problems, his hobby of traveling around 5 continents. Thuy Duong said she likes to travel at least once or twice a year, does not want to be confined to family, childcare, and cooking. She has gone almost all the S-shaped strip of land and wishes to travel to Europe at the expense of her boyfriend.


Asking her boyfriend to sponsor a 31-year-old girl’s trip to Europe was “stoned” by netizens because she thought this was too absurd and pragmatic. Immediately after the program was broadcast, Thuy Duong had to receive countless fierce insults from the online community.

In the face of public outrage, Thuy Duong quickly locked her personal page to ensure privacy. After nearly a week, she has now reopened facebook and thanked those who support her point of view in the program “You want to date”.


It seems that after nearly a week, Thuy Duong has gradually regained her calm and confidence. Despite being “stoned” extremely fiercely, but besides that, there are still many people who agree with her frankness as well as her clear and realistic views in love. An interesting information revealed by Thuy Duong in the share is that she has only experienced a single love affair 10 years ago with the boyfriend gamers know through the game Audition. The two officially fell in love for 1 year but then failed to come to fruition due to each other’s selfish lifestyle.​

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