Both handsome and good at playing games, the handsome Tap Kich is actively sought by the sisters

Last weekend, the VPL Mobifone 2017 tournament Tap Size took place with the final victory belonging to the BKGaming team with 50 million VND in prize money, bringing a lot of emotions to the fans.” class=”lazy bbCodeImage LbImage” alt='[​IMG]’/>

Also in the live broadcast of the tournament, many people couldn’t help but notice a male player with a “marshal” appearance that made the sisters rush to find information. Specifically, right after the tournament, the pictures of this guy’s competition were passed on by netizens at breakneck speed.


The above marshal is also one of the members of BKGaming who excelled with his teammates to win the championship. Just through a few photos of the divine angle, the high nose bridge and the sharp, masculine face, especially an extremely ideal body, immediately made many girls voluntarily “do not cut and fall”. .

Very quickly, with the dense appearance on social forums and the joint search of netizens, this marshal’s personal facebook was found, nicknamed Hon Phat. According to information learned, the guy is nicknamed Liam, born in 1996, currently living and working in Ho Chi Minh City.


Perhaps from this same word, many people’s point of view when it comes to the two words gamers will immediately think of skinny, pale, sick young people, big heads, dark eyes, messy hair, messy clothes. no more when there are more and more pro gamers, who both play good games and are so handsome and manly like this!

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