5 types of brothers that you often meet in real life and even when playing games

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Watch the funny clip 5 types of brothers that everyone meets in a group of friends CrossFire Legends Please.

Type 1: Zombie. Distinguishing Features: Face looks rather stupid. In fact, these are very honest people who believe whatever they say. In love, there is always failure. When playing games, especially shooting games, it is literally “stupid” to take 5 minutes to look at the enemy but die before pulling the trigger.​

Type 2: Live for brothers. Identity: Every group has a person like this. This is the person who always invites the group to go out, decides what to eat, where, when… Without this person, the whole group can’t go out because no one invites them. Playing the game is always risking your life and jumping first, then dying alone.​


Type 3: Mass Forces. Identifying characteristics: The force is very large on the drinking table and in the game but nothing special.​

Type 4: Student Code: Identifying characteristics: Dainty, hair is always waxed. Always talking about prostitutes, cars. However, there is no reliability. When playing games, I always want to be the last to shine when my teammates die, but it can also be stupid.​

Type 5: No gender discrimination. Identifying characteristics: A girl but like a boy. Hanging out with boys, drinking more than boys, talking, helping guys are very good, playing games is equally good.​

Although each of us has different personalities, we will play together very close and have fun. Let’s pick up the phone and call your group of friends to gather to play, smash and “plow” the Crossfire Legends battlefield together!

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