Detecting a “black hole of death” in the 2 million GB game Microsoft Flight Simulator

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Microsoft Flight Simulator is the title simulation game fly a plane released by Microsoft this past August. Praised by critics right after its launch, Microsoft’s super product continues to attract a large number of players and currently holds the Xbox Game Pass record for best released PC game.​


Developer Asobo Studio used mapping software to simulate the entire world into the game. What makes Microsoft Flight Simulator Even more different is the weather system that takes data directly from the real world and is simulated in-game. With a game as massive as this, a few mistakes are inevitable and players don’t take too long to find them.


Perhaps to compensate for the impossible height of monolithic smoke in Australia, Microsoft Flight Simulator created a giant hole that looks like a black hole from the sci-fi movie Interstellar (Black Hole of Death) 2014 of Christopher Nolan. This bug was discovered by Reddit user ReversedWidow, who immediately recorded the video and shared it online.

Readers can watch more videos HERE and HERE.

The video shows a rudimentary plane flying along the ground and then plunging into a bottomless pit. First ReversedWidow flew it straight down, then this gamer received a malfunction message from the aircraft control system, the plane lost control and rotated in the air, which made it even more like a black hole. in Interstellar than. It is not clear what caused this strange glitch, but it certainly made the gaming community excited.​

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