Pocket the secrets to going to the MOBA battlefield in Unparalleled Arrogance

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The story of going to the battlefield against 6vs6 in Unparalleled Pride SML is a common occurrence in the district. Because each fight with different opponents with thousands of fighting styles, the array is completely different. Therefore, gamers need to note the following tips to apply to bring the final winning result for the home team.


Practice and then… let loose
Before sacrificing themselves in a chaotic battle, gamers need to practice to improve their own power and skills. The “F” key cannot help the gamer win a match full of heroes, must use the skill at the right time, with the right opponent. Many gamers skip the training phase in Tang Long Coc and go straight to Trich Tinh Lau and get hit all the way.
Especially with tactics, having good character skills and physical strength is quite important. Persevering in practice and at the right time, gamers are free to unleash dozens of skills from dodging, attacking or evading danger without worrying about being hit.


Choose the face to send gold
Team spirit and adherence to the strategy are the key factors that help teams win the top spot in the PK 6vs6 battle. “Not afraid of strong enemies, only afraid of stupid teammates”, that is the catchphrase of most gamers. Therefore, a warrior “worth the money” not only has martial arts skills but also has to meet all the elements of harmony.


When the battlefield is no longer 6vs6 but becomes 1vs11 or 4vs7, even an assassin with a last-hit technique like Duong Mon, Wudang, and Cai Bang is also crazy when eating onions from teammates. Nga My, Dao Hoa Dao, no matter how long their arms are, they will be “smashed” if there is no “wall” of Shaolin, Thien Vuong. Therefore, choosing to send gold in key positions as well as giving tactics is extremely important to bring victory to the whole team.

One battle – a thousand ways to build tactics
The MOBA-style fighting battleground – Long Coc Burial, Trich Tinh Lau opens every day, but every time you join, it’s still like never before. Each team has a different way of building tactics and formations, so gamers have to be flexible to change their strategies.


If Tang Long Coc, the long-armed faction is favored to line up and push the body like Shaolin, Thien Vuong, and Duong Mon as cannon fodder, flexible warriors like Tieu Dao, Nhan Linh or Kun Lun, then check the detective route. hearing before. But if you encounter the “firewall” of your team, then there must be Wudang, Nga My buffs, no matter how big the damage, but the HP tank is exhausted, the gods can’t save it.

But when going to Trich Tinh Lau, gamers immediately prepare a “dagger” – Kunlun with a special talent in stealth, or Nhan Linh moves quickly to make moves when the battle is chaotic, sneak attacks are sometimes more useful. both frontal attack. However, if encountering the enemy side with too strong an attack barrier, the melee faction will take the throne. That’s why, in just one battle, gamers have thousands of ways to build characters and different tactics, if anyone has never used troops once more or less, they will be matched when they first enter the battle, have not been able to shape yet. tattered.


In general, with the seemingly old features of Ngao Kiem Wu Song, it satisfies both fans of both swordplay and MOBA games. Playing the game is not only hard on duty, but also has to rush with teammates to experience life and death, glory in the MOBA-style fighting battlefield, opening on the first day of the new server Au Duong Phong (May 25). . Along with that, the Five Millennium Thien Ha event to celebrate the 5th birthday of Ao Kiem Wushuang is still going on with many valuable rewards.

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